Franky the Fish 2

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Franky the Fish 2Franky The Fish 2Franky the Fish 2 is a small side scrolling game, and could have been a sequel to Fishy. You are a small fish named Franky, and just like in Fishy, you will have to survive in the deep blue sea, but this time during a feeding trip.

Once again, your goal is to eat any smaller fish by simply touching them. Beware: avoid eating/touching anything else but smaller fish than Franky or the game will immediately end!

Press the space bar to swim upwards and release the space bar to swim downwards. The distance covered by Franky is shown by the progress bar at the top of the game’s window, and the most important question in this game is: what happens at the end? Hum, don’t expect so much…

You won’t probably play with Franky the Fish 2 for hours, but this one is perfect for a short break during hot days.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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