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Stack ItStack ItIf you have enjoyed playing Stackopolis, you should also be interested by Stack It! Indeed, those two games share the same concept: your goal in Stack It is “to stack the blocks given to you according to the solution provided at the beginning of each level”. Click on a block to move it and then click on its destination.

Developed in 2003 by Matthew Benney and Chris Hildenbrand from, this game includes two different modes, action and puzzle. In the action mode, you just have to put the required number of blocks onto each field just as displayed in the miniature map on the top left corner of the game’s window. In the puzzle mode, you have also to match shape and color.

To add some pressure, you will also find a countdown timer is Stack It, and if you fail to complete the target configuration, you will have to restart from the beginning!

On the downside, there is no password implementation for each level, and you will have to solve the first ones again and again if you want to end the game.

It looks like Stack It didn’t have the same success than Stackopolis, but with its gorgeous graphics, its two different playing modes and although there is no level codes, it is another excellent Stack “something” game.

Have fun!

By Eric

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  1. Courtney says:


  2. NetMonster says:

    I can’t play the game because half of it is below the bottom of my screen. I can’t click the lower squares because I can’t see them!

    Man that SUCKS. Would it have been so hard for the designers to add a scrollbar or something? Sheesh.

  3. Eric says:

    NetMonster – I changed the link, you should be able to enjoy the game now…

  4. NetMonster says:

    Oh, thanks! :)