Goliath the Soothsayer

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Goliath the SoothsayerGoliath the SoothsayerRoom Escape games are becoming very popular these days, and more of them are designed to promote products or services.

Developed by Ben Leffler, Goliath the Soothsayer is one of them: it was launched at Amazon.com to promote the release of the fourth studio album of The Mars Volta, an American rock group founded in 2001.

“It started a week ago… My brother had been missing for the better half of a year and we had all but given up any hope of finding him alive. It was as if he just suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth leaving everything behind.

During the first night in my brother’s house, strange noises and dark whispers plagues my sleep. I remember running in my vain attempts to escape the horror nestled deep in my dreams. And I awoke the following morning – not in the bed to which I felt victim to exhaustion – but on the cold wooden floor of the attic…I’ve been here in the attic for days…

All that I know is that I must now escape this prison and find a way to release myself and my brother’s soul from the bondage of this evil.

Somewhere in this house, the answer waits for me…”

If I remember well, this is not the first time you have to find a way to escape from an attic

Have fun!

Goliath the Soothsayer walkhtrough in comment #2

By Eric

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134 Comments to Goliath the Soothsayer

  1. linda says:

    are there any scary pop ups in this game??

  2. Miran says:

    WHERE IS THE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tasja says:

    I cannot find the tv room. Can annyone help me please??

  4. Tasja says:

    Never mind, found it

  5. youknowthatotherguy says:

    I’m havin the same problem as GoldThane

  6. Leyn says:

    okay, i have already read the diary…
    how do I open the closet?

  7. JOOOOooeeeeeee says:

    there is NO hook!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bekii says:

    i cant get o=tye number for the computer how do u do it???

  9. Fernando Torres says:

    I completed this, and I used both options. it was so complicated, and my friends are still stuck on it

  10. Monkey says:

    Not the best game. In fact it is crap

  11. ManicuredNailslol says:

    I’m havin the same problem as GoldThane
    Well, me 2 :( Wat the heck do I do??

  12. PatrickJumpen says:

    hod do i get into the llinen closet? what do i do ive done everything so far but i just cant seem to get in? Help

  13. helpyhelp says:


    i have everything…including the key, but i can’t scroll throuh the items in my inventory. it only shows the 1st 4 items i collected! i can’t dump anything or leave anything and i can’t scroll!! i’m at the end though, and just need to open the door if i could get to my damn key!!

  14. Mishie-chan says:

    i can’t figure out tha password??

  15. Mishie-chan says:

    weEeE., just finished the game., it has two alternative endings and i’m not telling you., :)

    just click on almost anything.. try to analyze the clues given to you., :)

    good luck guys., wEeEeEeE :p

  16. mariaas says:

    its easy with clock just look at black numbers not red :)

  17. SatampraZeiros says:

    ok people DONT PUT UP YOUR PASSWORDS FOR THE JOURNAL it changes from person to person although its not infinite but still its confusing, for anyone who wants to know the password just look at the clock the black lines make up the numbers for instance if it says in red (on the clock) I E E – then the leftover black lines should make the code into 9110 or something along those lines (considering that if all the lines were black it would all be 8888 but square, you guys have digital clocks you know what Im talking about) , get it? the cool thing about this game is that it gives you the option at the end to play the alternate ending, its not that scary but kinda fun anyway, hope this helps you!

  18. abraham says:

    how do u open the liner close door it just says ”no matter how hard i pull..it just wont budge..?? ”

    help me plzzz its reali pissing me off..???? ive done the clock stuff but when i get to the closet it just wont open..what do i do..????

  19. Nov says:



  20. SevenSins150 says:

    One of the best games EVER!! Lol.

    I never really tried the alternate ending lol. I know it’s going to be something scary! xD

    Anyways, I’ve completed the game – Peace Of Cake! I’ve also completed xmortis & Exmortis 2, I can’t wait for Exmortis 3 to come out – Cheers.

  21. VampireHeart says:

    the password for the safe is Show

  22. hayloh says:

    where is the clock so i can read the stupid diary thing?

  23. LannaJade. says:

    YES There IS A Hook.
    Go To The Dresser Thing.
    Click The TOP Of It.
    NOT The Top Drawer Or Above The Dresser.
    On Top Of It.
    Loop The Rope Youve Found Through The Hook && Throw It Over The Door && Pull.

    MY Problem Is The Alarm Clock.
    I Cant Figure It Out.
    Can Someone Just Tell Me WTF The Password Is?
    Unless It Changes.
    Then Im Fuct =]

  24. ret says:

    how to get ah code in the computer???

  25. Nash=] says:

    Wheres the key to the door that says that it leads to the back end of the house, and that the brother kept it some where?

  26. maddie says:

    the ending sucked

  27. john says:

    in first one how do you open the door with the rope and the hook

  28. edmasterrules says:



  29. malene says:

    I can’t find the hook – help!

  30. kakka says:

    What’s the safes password? )=

  31. danielle says:

    where is the key for the door??? please help!! x

  32. confused says:

    i cant see anything in the alarm clock,its driving me crazy! There is nothing else exept red lines i just cant see anything!!!!!!!!!! Please help

  33. Lynette says: