Doom Funnel Chasers

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Doom Funnel ChasersDoom Funnel ChasersThe concept used in Galactic Gravity Golf (reviewed a few days ago) is not really a new one. It was implemented previously in another game, Doom Funnel Chasers, released in the first quarter of 2003!

In this game, you have to fling a giant ball into a funnel/black hole to seal it. Click on the ball and hold down your mouse button. Then drag your mouse to pull it back (adjust both direction and power with your mouse) and release the button to launch the ball!

Just like in Galactic Gravity Golf, you will have to use the gravity of nearby planets to help send the ball in the right direction. Try to catch flags with your ball, try to create long paths to plug the doom funnel and then collect extra points. After some practice, you should be able to “play” with the orbital trajectories and then create really, really long paths before sealing the funnel!

On the downside, there is no passwords implementation in Doom Funnel Chasers. There is no music either, just two different sounds when you launch the ball and when it hits the funnel.

Overall an unusual and original game that is really fun to play. With 25 different levels, and a 1 billion bonus for hitting every flag in the game, Doom Funnel Chasers definitely deserves a try! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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  1. hotmama says:

    what are the codes for each level. i want them