Pest Control

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Pest ControlAfter Headcase released four days ago, Nitrome strikes again with a new skill game, Pest Control. Grab your fly swatter and hit bugs until you get rid of them all! Use your mouse to move your swatter. Players should be warned that this game is extremely violent, and should be rated M (just kidding)! Have fun!

By Eric

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112 Comments to Pest Control

  1. i need help in the 3.2 Wasps, 3.3 Cactus Grub and the 3.7 Dung Beatles!! plz plz plz plz plzzzz HELP ME!!

  2. BD says:

    How do I kill the maggots?????????

  3. pokemonruler says:


    for the wasps stay calm, you have plenty of time


    try to memorize where the cactus grubs poke out


    to defeat the ants read the next spoiler


    you need to change the backround, to do this, click on the ants level then click on the red arrow to go back, the backround should change and boy will you make it easier

    i need help with stag beetle though

  4. lalala says:

    How do you do the flys and web??????????????