Escapers #02

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Escapers #02After Escapers #01, here is Escapers #02 from Odako Design, a brand new Japanese Room Escape game. This sequel is a little bit harder than the original, but it shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes to find the key and open the door. Another game recommended for a short break. Have fun!

Update: Escapers #02 walkthrough in comment #27 (thanks Cherry!)

By Eric

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32 Comments to Escapers #02

  1. .*. says:

    So far,

    And that’s all I have managed to come up with thus far. Anybody got more?

  2. LES says:

    weird . . .that is exactly where i am stuck too! :(

  3. Steve says:

    i got the next part….




    from there I am lost… any help?

  4. Josesita says:

    Hi!!… i´m stuk!
    any help??

  5. Steve says:

    just figured it out actually…


  6. Josesita says:

    where did you get the other numbers from the safe??

  7. .*. says:

    ok, here’s some more

  8. Sarah says:


  9. Josesita says:

    nevermind i got them!

  10. Sarah says:


  11. Josesita says:

    I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  12. Josesita says:


  13. .*. says:

    Sarah –

  14. Sarah says:

    Thank you :) I’ll do that.

  15. Sarah says:


  16. Josesita says:

    the first two numbers:
    – under the cd tower
    – on one side of the shelf

  17. dancergirl says:

    yes!!! i’m out!!!

  18. LES says:

    seeing if it works [Code for safe]

  19. LES says:

    The code for the safe is Show

  20. Mokokauwae says:

    That was a nice easy game and i didnt even need any help.

  21. Phil says:

    As far as I can see, you have to guess the 2nd digit of the code (8). Did anyone find the 8 or just guess?

  22. Sarah says:



  23. cookie says:

    whooo 23rd can somwone post a walkthrough please.

  24. littlelivvylou says:

    hi first time comenting can sum1 plz post a walkthrough really bad at games lol.

  25. littlelivvylou says:

    jus looked at every1s comments n they got me out thnx

  26. littlelivvylou says:

    how cum the time says i posted this at 5:46 am wen its 12:45pm?

  27. Cherry says:



  28. Cherry says:

    thanks to the escapegames24 comments

  29. Laila says:

    I got out without finding the last two numbers – I just started scrolling through numbers until the safe opened.

  30. Laila says:

    littlelivvylou – What time zone are you in? I live in California, USA and my time matches the posted time. Are you in Asia, Australia, or the Pacific? Those time zones are 17 hrs ahead of us.

  31. FiestyGal says:

    That was a good one. Thanks for the W/T help, guys! :)

  32. Sam says:

    that was really easy! have any of you tried Show

    more specifically,