Esklavos – Cursed Swamp Escape 2

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Cursed Swamp Escape 2

Cursed Swamp Escape 2 is a new installment in the Room Escape series from Esklavos.

“To escape from the cursed swamp, you must solve the puzzles and get the four keys!”

Have fun!

By White Wolf

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8 Comments to Esklavos – Cursed Swamp Escape 2

  1. Shipra says:

    Helppp with the Fishes….

    • Pat says:

      I´m stuck too, sorry!

    • dg says:

      Hints about the fishes:
      1. To catch them: Show

      2. DO NOT Show

      3. Same as 2 for the fishes.
      4. Then Show

  2. Shipra says:

    Hv the 5 fishes, blue &white keys,water in d pot,stick for the 5 skulls, but how to proceed ?

  3. Shipra says:

    Got it…but still stuck with skulls & the numbers.

  4. Shipra says:

    Done. Thanks.

  5. gg says:

    this one was tricky