Dassyutu 12 – Fitness Room

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Dassyutu12Dassyutu 12 is the latest installment in the Japanese Dassyutu Room Escape game series. You are stuck in an orange fitness room with a yellow door today, and the bad news is that the game is in Japanese only! How long will it take you to find the exit? Have fun!

Update : Dassyutu 12 – Fitness Room walkthrough in comment #21 (thanks dog!)

By Eric

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27 Comments to Dassyutu 12 – Fitness Room

  1. ellenbtler says:

    Anyone else getting a blank screen with some Japanese characters at the top? Or is it just me…?

  2. ashley says:

    so…i have

  3. ashley says:


  4. foodleface says:


  5. foodleface says:


  6. ashley says:

    this is a pretty good game! :)

  7. dog says:

    Can’t get key

  8. Sam says:

    help anyone???

  9. Sam says:

    can’t get the box to open…

  10. dog says:

    used screwdriver on wall cabinet, got jar of something

  11. dog says:

    That is’nt sam from Tamworth is it?

  12. Sam says:


  13. Sam says:

    thankz…I love these games…but i totally suck at them :P

  14. Sam says:

    what do u do with the stupid egg??

  15. Sam says:

    and those stupid exercises….it just doesn’t work for me

  16. dog says:

    got hook? from top of air conditioner

  17. dog says:


  18. Sam says:

    mhmm…try dipping it that jar :P

  19. Sam says:

    in one of the spoilers it tells you to move something…if u move it forward…and click somewhere behind it…you get a hole with n egg thing in it

  20. Sam says:

    anyway…im done for the night…ill come back tomorrow and someone will have decided to help…lol…byyye

  21. dog says:


    Hope this helps

  22. xain says:

    then what?

  23. Mokokauwae says:

    I cant get the hook is there a specific way to get it?

  24. hannes says:

    fix the rail, ?????

  25. Emma says:

    how do you fix the rail? nothing happens when i use the pliers or the screwdriver on the rail….

  26. Emma says:

    Nevermind! i done it =)

  27. fay says:

    where do you get the key?