El Legado

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El LegadoEl LegadoEl Legado is a Room Escape game all written in Spanish that takes place in a creepy dungeon.

When you find an item, click and drag it to your inventory instead of trying to directly use it.

The author used 3D Studio to design the different scenes and the result is a nice looking game that will probably appeal to all you Room Escape fans!

The TAB key is particularly useful in El Legado: don’t forget to use it!

Have fun!

Source: Nordinho.

Update: El Legado walkthrough in comment #21 (thanks Revolver!)

Update 2: the game is now available in English! 

By Eric

current rating 2.00


35 Comments to El Legado

  1. goldie says:

    What to do,i don,t get it

  2. RPM says:


  3. applelady says:

    Clicking the window basically says…I can’t get out from here.
    Clicking on stone in the wall says…This won’t open.
    Clicking on the keys across the way says…A set of keys, I should reach them.

    REALLY!!! Ya think.

    Besides that, I’ve got nothing. Can’t find anything else to click on that does anything.


  4. dunit719 says:

    this game is tough, i wish i knew spanish.

  5. sandi says:

    you click on the floor in the right hand corner and pick up a stick. use it on the keys and open door. after that i’m stuck

  6. monte says:

    i got keys, opened door, broke cell window bar, took hook from wall and opened the safe. thats it any help would be appreciated

  7. Niky says:

    I try to clarify a bit more.

    Im stuck in the next part :(

  8. monte says:

    use sword to open the first door

  9. monte says:

    stuck on coimputers code?

  10. Niky says:

    FINISH :)
    if u need somthing ask

  11. monte says:

    what is the computer code, or how do you find it niky???!!!

  12. monte says:

    niky you there?

  13. Niky says:

    Computer code is the painted demon


  14. monte says:

    how did you figure that out from the painting?

  15. monte says:

    i am so lost. can you help me out on the second level.

  16. monte says:

    I guess i completed it. I opened a door and it says contine in spanish. So i guess that is the end. But I do have many articles that have not used…

  17. blckmgk says:

    so monte… fill us in then. Show

  18. gdfgdfg says:

    what is the code to get through the doorr!?!?

  19. Rosie says:

    im exactly where you are, blckmgk, and i cant figure it out. i need help!!

  20. mag says:

    how do you use the screw driver/

  21. Revolver says:


    Any help give me a holla

  22. jake says:

    i cant find the stick

    • natalie says:

      instead of the mouse arrow, a little white hand will appear when you find something.

  23. NetMonster says:

    How did you get the password?

  24. Revolver says:

    Truth is I used Niky password. I have no idea where he/she got it from.

    Jake after you clicked the gate and clicked the keys. Go back and search the floor. To the right a bit. The pole kinda blends in the crack. Try clicking and dragging or use the tab key. Usually a yellow box will pop up when you press it showing all the places you can click. Use that to find it.

  25. insara says:

    Hey, at the first level I didn’t find the pole where Revolver said, but outside the cell. I clicked on the door’s cell and then on the wall behind it, between the second and the third bar.

  26. Jody says:


  27. david says:

    help cant get white door open

  28. Christen says:

    I also can not get the door open

  29. Jess says:

    Baphomet is what the picture depicts in the same room as the laptop & all – it’s right next to the door you came through. :)

  30. flopears123 says:

    I clicked on the bar in the window SEVERAL HUNDRED times. Could get it to bend but not break. What else can I do?

  31. Nellyginrich says:

    I think that it’s how quickly you click on the bar, not necessarily how many times.

  32. flopears123 says:

    How do you like them apples? I get allllllll the way to the end and get a bug. Can’t click the light switch.

  33. bz says:

    where is the stickkk?!!!!!!

  34. Erin says:

    Well, tried to use the barrel like in Revolver’s walkthrough and it glitched oneme. The barrel dissappeared and I can’t get it again. And when I click on the window, it still says “I need something to get to it”Any thoughts?