The Pros of Online Bingo

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“When I was younger, I used to be bingo mad. I would go every week without fail and made lots of friends doing so. Unfortunately, the bingo hall in town had closed down some years back and the next nearest hall was too far for me to travel. I found a new hobby playing Solitaire and Freecell on my husband’s computer but playing solo and with no jackpot to be won got stale very quickly.

My husband suggested I should have a look at online bingo but I wasn’t too sure. I’d heard many stories about people becoming addicted to computer games and all the strangers that you meet online but my husband reassured me I had nothing to worry about.

I’m glad I followed his advice because fun online bingo is now my favourite thing to do in the evenings and weekends. There are lots of different types of games in all the different chat rooms and different prizes up for grabs. I don’t need to do much other than purchase my tickets and let the game do everything else for me.

My numbers are automatically checked off and it even shows me my best card as the game progresses – a very handy feature. Back in the old bingo hall I would have to pay attention to numbers being called and rigorously check all my tickets. With online bingo I can have my old friends Solitaire and Freecell running in the background!

The bingo itself is great but all the extras are good too when you play bingo with Paddy Power. The chat rooms are great fun whilst the game is going or in between games. You can play word games and all the other players join in.

There’s also a great selection of side games on the website so if you get a bit jaded from all the bingo you can try and earn some winnings on the slots or casino games. I just wish they had internet when I was younger so I could have got a better head start on my loyalty points!”

By Eric

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