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RollRollRoll is a new little skill game created by Ben Gilbanks, the man who designed the Regulus theme that we are using on this site (heavily modified though).

Your goal here is to pop or sink all the red balls by using a yellow one in a limited time. Simply point the mouse in the direction you want to move and then click and hold to set the power. The bigger the arrow, the faster the yellow ball will move.

Roll is a very polished game, with nice graphics and sounds. Physics are very well implemented and some of the later levels are really challenging. With its 20 levels, Roll is a great skill game to waste 10 minutes or so.

“Can you complete the challenge?”

Have fun!

Update: now with HIGH SCORE table!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


2 Comments to Roll

  1. TheRedemer says:

    Yay – Im the first.
    Completed all 20 level .. easy!

  2. chandler says:

    found a glitch