Breakit 2

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Breakit2Breakit2Breakit 2 is so far one of the best Breakout like flash game I ever played with. It was developed by Terry from, includes 50 different levels, a great soundtrack and a high level of graphic designs.

The goal is easy to catch: move your pad with your mouse and try to eliminate all the bricks by smashing them once or more with your ball (yep, just like in every other Breakout games, I know!).

Breakit2Terry has improved the Breakout concept: firstly, by adding tons of bonus points you’ll have to catch with your pad, getting you nervous at some points of the game.

Secondly, the pad movements: you’ll be surprised at the beginning with the tilt pad effect, but it shouldn’t take a long time before you figure out how to take advantage of this extra feature.

Each level includes several power-ups for your pad such as large one, small one or double one, not to mention my favorite, shooting pad (left click).

Even if minor issues with physics remain today in the game, even if the difficulty does not especially increase throughout the 50 different levels, and even if, after playing with this second release of Breakit, you’ll just expect to see Breakit 3 coming soon as I do, Breakit 2 is definitely a really clean and perfect game for everyone, in an awesome package.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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