Escape from Octlien

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Escape from OctlienEscape from OctlienDesigned by Aztec, the creator of Shrine (Jinja) and Escape from Island, here is a new exciting Japanese Point’n’Click adventure game, Escape from Octlien.

After you have escaped from the Island, you are now trapped in a spaceship. Explore the area, collect the items and use them to escape from Octlien!

Don’t forget to drag the items onto the check button to examine them.

Another beauty from Aztec: I can’t wait for the next one!

Have fun!

Source: Nicop.

Update: Escape from Octlien walkthrough in comment #31 (thanks DNOMN8R, nitrox, Xan, Polpo, and Ben!)

By Eric

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48 Comments to Escape from Octlien

  1. 454 says:

    First! That was a very strange game… Time:22 minutes, achievement ratio: 70%

  2. Maddiness says:

    Officially stuck. (yay i ish first)

  3. Danny C says:

    Beat it at 80% achievement

  4. GamerJoe says:

    First and all kinds stuff done

  5. GamerJoe says:

    And I’m saved

  6. GamerJoe says:

    in 23 minutes with 70% if any one joins me I’d love to figure out more

  7. nitrox says:

    1st! here is a partial walkthrough

    sorry but thats all i have right now…

  8. Cassandra says:

    I beat it ! WOOOO, thought it was a little complicated after not knowing what to do when all the pink pallets were put in their square spots on the walls. Its actually not that hard of a game. Don’t give up, and keep trying. If it gets confusing, I can put up a Spoiler for all who want one.

  9. Xan says:

    finished with 3 items missing. here’s what I did after doing what nitrox ended with Show

    Unfortunately, this only got me 80%.

  10. David says:

    found gold again, click vent in start with box in it

  11. Polpo says:

    to get 90%:

    Been looking all over but can’t find where to use the Show

    That’s how I figure you get 100%

  12. Cosmictrickster says:


  13. Cosmictrickster says:

    Still only gets 90%. Show

  14. Ben says:

    For the gold fleck..

  15. Rosie says:

    i cant find the second octilien square tile thing. anyone know? i cant get any farther without it.

  16. nitrox says:

    ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha tnx poplo that was funny a Show

  17. Polpo says:

    second tile:

  18. Ben says:

    Well, it actually links back to Jinja, if you’ve played that game…

  19. Drongo says:

    Can Anyone explain to me where the tiles go I have four of them or is there five??

  20. nitrox says:

    drongo there is 4 start to put them Show

  21. Drongo says:

    Thanx nitrox I was going crazy there for a bit but got 100%

  22. Nicole says:

    100% Thanks all! It’s the kind of game you have to play as a team!

  23. Caya says:

    does anyone know how to get back through the lower door once the ladder is in place?

  24. eric k says:

    found-ladder-shovel-wheel-cog-laser sword-key- computer card-lab coat-(in coat pocket )-hand computer-green flake-gold flake-spacesuit-hose-robot arm-red flake-4 out of the five cards) gold and green flakes are used after u flood the rooms go to where u start upper right hole go throught godl flake left side green right side openings on the brick walls

  25. eric k says:

    solved it (100%) last tile keypad

  26. Hulk says:

    I got 100% in30 mins. Its not that hard.

  27. DaDewd says:

    AWESOME! I’ve beaten all of these (Some parts with walkthrough help) and if anyone hasn’t played this yet, DO SO NOW!!! 80% in 22 min. with a break for lolcats.

  28. lindaqqq says:

    100% 1hr
    couldnt have done it without all the hints, at least not in 1 hr

  29. eitay says:

    you can use the sword on the pipes next room the room you take the robot hand.
    and then go to the start room and click the right up hole.
    then click on the wall till the stones moves.
    both walls! then put the green thing and the gold think and you can watch movies or somthing…

    this it :\ doesnt know more !

  30. DNOMN8R says:

    Could someone please post a complete 100% walkthrough?

  31. DNOMN8R says:

    Never mind, I’ve got it now. (Thanks nitrox, Xan, Polpo, and Ben!)





  32. BoomBoxer says:

    btw, i cudnt click the elevator! think theres a prob. i had done every single thing ald ):

  33. David says:

    mine glitched i just clicked elevator and left :-)

  34. alex says:

    excellent 21 mins 70% thnx guys

  35. Jingo says:

    23 mins and 100%

  36. Bubba says:

    19 mins – 100% and only needed the hints/walkthrough for about a small part of it, some stuff still eludes me, like why you had to Show

    . But good game, much fun.

  37. leon noble says:

    that walkthrough is rubbish because u cant get the purple thing it just pushes it in so stuff u

  38. Jon A says:

    I can’t get out either, I tried clicking on the elevator, but still got stuck.

  39. Michael says:

    i can not put the red crystal to the left of the big button. do you mean the floor where i get the power cord and put the gray knob in the hole?

  40. kaka says:

    just 13 min! but with some help. thanks

  41. germana1peace says:

    where is the elevator???

  42. Paul says:

    I clicked the 3 buttons but nothing happens where the robot is. what’s up with that?

  43. Paul says:

    never mind,forget that. on the floating on water thing,there’s supposed to be a green snack thing and there is none. did i do something wrong?

  44. cdkla;fjkd says:


    In your walkthrough you mention a “purple thing” in the “cupboard” on the left side. I opened what I believe to be this “cupboard” but there is no “purple thing”. What went wrong, and could you be more specific as to the mysterious “purple thing”?

  45. celine says:

    i finished it but i can’t clik the elavator PLEASE HELP!

  46. BLM says:

    i finished too but ican’t enter the elevator although i used all items and completed the game

  47. donna says:

    Wow i used everything before it let me out.

  48. Lee says:

    just started , everytime i click on the small rock it comes up with a website ! what now ?