Golf Drive

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Golf DriveGolf DriveIt’s golf fans day today: after the previously reviewed Put It In! and its 18 holes mini golf, here is Golf Drive, a 2D prehistoric game of golf, in which you won’t use a club to hit the ball, but a catapult!

Use the left and arrow keys to move your catapult when you don’t have a ball in it and the up and down keys to adjust the angle of your catapult golf club. Click and hold down the left mouse button to adjust the power bar of the catapult and release it to throw the ball.

In Golf Drive, you also have to use the catapult as a golf cart and drive to where you hit the ball. This can get tricky in some of the 18 levels: drive carefully and try not to fall off the edge or the course or you will get an extra shot penalty.

Press the M key to have a view of the whole “fairway” and press C when you can no longer drive to your ball.

Golf Drive is a game that requires some practice and a lot of nerves to obtain consistent results. The last few holes (ice age) are quite difficult, and finishing under par on this course is actually pretty challenging!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


One Comment to Golf Drive

  1. Duero says:

    Fun game, only complaint is that ball rolls like it’s covered in glue.