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TLFMER 4TLFMER 4 is the fourth installment in the “The Little Fast Made Escape Room” series created by FreakinRooms. You find yourself trapped in a prison cell, and you will have to find a way to open the door. Not really difficult, but I wonder what happens to you once you’re outside your cell… Have fun!

Update: TLFMER 4 walkthrough in comment #19 (thanks monte!)

By Eric

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24 Comments to TLFMER 4

  1. Mickey says:

    Now ….. let’s play!!

  2. Mickey says:


    What I got so far:




    Now I’m playing with the straw…. there must be somethin you can do with that, but ……..

  3. Mickey says:

    What do you find in a haystack?????
    Right….. a Show

    All that clicking for such a tiny thing
    Also got a Show

    You can find a clue if you Show

  4. Mickey says:

    Now for the code of the box.
    You’ll find on one of the Show

    Don’t give up!!

  5. BoMuChan says:

    I can’t load this game ! Why ?

  6. Mickey says:

    Don’t know……..
    Direct link is

    By the way i’m out!!!
    The posters hide more then just the code.
    You can use Show

    and you can also use Show

    You wil also have to click Show

    After this it will be easy to escape…. good luck!!!

  7. Lesterly says:

    hopefully this spoiler tag works
    to get a key… Show

  8. Lesterly says:

    yay it worked!

  9. Randyy says:

    Im Out
    Pretty Cool
    shirt,pants,straw—coming together yet?

  10. Randyy says:


  11. Lesterly says:


  12. Syltchen says:


  13. mike says:


  14. Syltchen says:


  15. Lesterly says:

    wait, its actually the knife in #6
    the key is Show

  16. Lesterly says:

    where do i use the knife?
    ive clicked everywhere and it just keeps saying “nope, that wouldnt make any difference”

  17. Lesterly says:

    so ive made a scarecrow thing… but i still can’t use the knife

  18. monte says:

    where did you get the marker??!!

  19. monte says:

    Finally did it. here you go with walkthrough

  20. gandalf says:

    hello!! Spoilers please!

  21. dancergirl says:

    i cant get the piece of wood, how can i get it?

  22. dancergirl says:

    Never mind, im out, thanx for the walkthrough monte!

  23. DaDewd says:

    How do i get the stick/wood and marker?

  24. Ann says:

    Thanks for the walthrough Monte!
    I would never have done it without you……Ann