Frozen Bubble

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Frozen BubbleFrozen BubbleFrozen Bubble is a simple but highly addictive game. The object of the game is to clear each level by using the special bubble launcher. Shoot the colored bubbles to link 3 or more of the same color and make them disappear from the board.

The bubbles come in several colors, and strategy involves getting as many bubbles down as possible with each shot. The faster you clear the board the higher the bonus points awarded. If a bubble reaches the bottom line of the board, you will loose a life and have to restart the same level. The game ends when you have lost your three lives.

Once the java applet is fully loaded, just click on the game window then up or shift key to start playing. Use the left and right arrow keys to aim and shift or up keys to fire; use the ‘M’ key to switch between normal and colorblind modes and ‘S’ to turn sounds on/off.

Frozen Bubble is a free clone of the very Popular Puzzle Bobble game, released in 1994 by Taito Corp., and also known as Bust-a-Move in North America. The game was designed by a French developer, Guillaume Cottenceau in… 2002! Originally developed with Perl for UNIX users and downloadable here, the game was rewritten by Glenn Sanson, allowing us to play with the one player version directly within a browser.

The author did an incredible work with Frozen Bubble, including delightful graphics and animations, 50 different levels and hours of fun. Not recommended for a coffee break, Frozen Bubble is another two thumbs-up game available online for free! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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  1. kelly says:

    i want this online for my windows i played it on linux but am having trouble finding a download for windows