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VoiceVoice is a Japanese Room Escape game all written in Japanese that was just released a few hours ago. The game looks cute, and I was able to find a screwdriver. But after that, I have no idea of what to do… Do you? Have fun!

Update: Voice Walkthrough in comment #20 (thanks monte!)

By Eric

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  1. monte says:

    tough game

  2. Rosie says:

    agh! i dont know what to do!

  3. mammy says:

    Nice..but chort

  4. Rosie says:

    i’ve gotten the screwdriver and opened the closet and gotten the bookmark, but from there, i’m stuck.

  5. monte says:

    I have found screwdriver, used it to open the closet, bunch of colored numbers, key that i have no idea what it is for, bookmark, located a knife but can not reach it. any help out there?

  6. Rosie says:

    wheres the key?

  7. Rosie says:

    i think you need some tape for the stick in the trash? (maybe?) to reach the knife.

  8. monte says:

    the key is in the piggy bank. i used the bookamrk on the coin slot and got a key

  9. monte says:

    use key on door and get paprclip

  10. Rosie says:

    any idea what to do with the numbers? or how to turn the number pad on?

  11. mammy says:

    use plasters in thing in the bin to get the cutter from the right side of book shelf

  12. monte says:

    use clip on chest, get key, use key on bottom drawer to get first aid, take badaids with stick in trash. then use stick to get knife, stuck again any help?

  13. monte says:

    use knife on wall behing closet to reveal a new safe. stuck again

  14. mammy says:


  15. monte says:

    use bookamrk again on bears tail tip[ and get a key for the safe. now i am stuck with that box thingy

  16. monte says:

    alright i just opened the box by guessing the dots colred, prett easy actually. but now got credit card and have no clue what the 3 digit number is on panel in closet. any help?

  17. mammy says:

    the number…615

  18. monte says:

    how did you get that number?

  19. monte says:


  20. mammy says:

    the card say red,green,blue..

    and i got some help…

  21. Bree says:

    I can finally say i got through one without a walkthrough. Even if it was in jappanese, i’d like to see more of these [[: