Esklavos – Chapter 6

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esklavos-c6-300.jpgEsklavos - Chapter 6Here it is! The sixth chapter of the Esklavos series created by Federico Rutenberg is online, and, according to the author, this new chapter is “more complex to solve compared with the previous chapter, but only a little, nothing impossible”.

Nim is back in this chapter, and after spending 20 years underground, he is still not able to see anything in the dark. You should turn on the light and help him find a way to get out of his cell.

Have fun!

Update: Esklavos Chapter 6 walkthrough in comment #15 (thanks player!)

By Eric

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28 Comments to Esklavos – Chapter 6

  1. Mara says:


  2. mjn says:


    but i didn’t play it yet though!!

  3. Jerre says:

    stop posting that stupid cr*p (srry for my language but this annoyes me so much)

    Well, I’m stuck at the very beginning, I can’t click anything. “surface” is clickable but doesn’t do anything as do all his items…

  4. Jerre says:

    take a good lok at the pictogram of this game (yes this is a hint :p )

  5. MANDOLIN says:

    Here some clues:

  6. mammis says:


  7. mammis says:

    combo heal Show

    combo poison Show

    combo stone door Show

    combo tiles Show

  8. mammis says:

    Well, I forget writing Walkthrough in my posts…sorry for that.

  9. mjn says:

    yaaaaaay first 1 2 finish it

    but i wont write a walkthrough its easy except 4 the potions

  10. mjn says:

    i kept refreishing the page 4 an hour and no 1 posted
    i guess i’m not the first one after all

  11. Pinwheel says:

    Im stuck at the very beginning:( i dont know what to do someone……HELP ME!!!!

  12. NetMonster says:

    The healing combo Show

    The combo for the poison Show

    Anybody know the logical explanation for the combination that gets you to Ding&Dong or for the pattern of the tiles that opens the gate? Is there a hint anywhere in the game or are we supposed to “try&err”?

  13. player says:

    Is there one or two scorpions to kill? Not very clear from mammis’ explanation.
    I keep trying to kill the (first) scorpion but I’m wounded everytime before getting the chance to do anything. Or do you have to challenge him and heal a few times before you succeed?

  14. player says:

    Ok, nevermind, I was dragging the spear on the target, but you just have to click on it.

    A complete walkthrough found on an another website:


  15. esklavo says:

    I cant get the third ingredent can anybody help me plz?

  16. Jesse says:

    LOL The person who did the walk through keeps saying “leather bag.” If you`re confused, thats because there is no leather bag. It`s actually “pollen of Turema.” You can hover your cursor over your items to get the correct name. Ty for taking the time for writing the walkthrough, though :)

  17. johnfox says:

    where’s the torch?

  18. black_crow says:

    In the first screen, torch is in the far left of the screen Show

    And in the the other screen (one behind the gate) Show

    I hope u r glad with the answer…. =)

  19. nnnnnnnnnnno says:

    man the end is hizarrrrddd
    but i did it

  20. Leigh says:

    I cant’ get past the green scorpion. Also, at least in my version, the mushroom stays purple throughout the game.

  21. Jo says:


  22. helpme says:

    I also cannot pass the green scorpion…..and my mushroom stays purple…..shit

  23. lianski says:

    yep, the mushroom is purple, but this is ok
    and the scorpions need a lot of patience (at least for me) – i had to return couple of times to each of them

  24. Emz says:

    what is up with this surface thing!!! I cant do anything and how r u ment to light a torch, i cant see anything and dont have a lighter unless its ment to be the firestones, HELP!!!

  25. Emz says:

    soz neva mind, clicked around 4 about an hour and got it when i was just about to leave lol

  26. Help!!! says:

    I think my version is glitched!All I have is fire rocks and a tool and i can’t do anything.All i see is surface,surface,surface and nothing else!Plz give some some
    help because this is driving me crazy!

  27. Kel says:

    throw the firerocks to the left hand side this will light the torch