Poco2 Escape 3

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Poco2 Escape 3Poco2 Escape 3Poco2 Escape 3 is the third installment in the Poco2 Escape series created by ZakkuWorks. And the good news is that once again, the author released this new Room Escape game in both Japanese AND English!

Your goal in Poco 2 Escape 3 is to find a way to leave the room, and your first task today is to collect several hearts…

This third episode seems as good as the two previous ones but is more difficult to complete, according to its author.

Have fun!

Update: Poco2 Escape 3 walkthrough in comment #11 (thanks pOlo!)

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53 Comments to Poco2 Escape 3

  1. sftballgirlie! says:

    i cannot get the green piece of the puzzle please help :(

  2. Alliekat says:

    Here are a few hints:




    There! That should help you get started! ;3

  3. hey says:

    veryyyy goooood