Escape From Her Room

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Escaping From Her RoomWhat about a new Japanese Room Escape game today? In Escaping From Her Room, you are trapped in a light pink room in which there is a bed, a closet a desk and a clock that doesn’t even work! Well, I know, that doesn’t help at all ;-) Have fun!

By Eric

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28 Comments to Escape From Her Room

  1. Mickey says:

    (I’m becoming an addict!!)

  2. Mickey says:

    Ok, here we go!!!
    Also my first attempt for a walkthrough.
    It is not complete because i’m writing it as I play.

    Thake pencil from desk (in red cup).
    Take paper out of wastebin
    Look at drawers and take:
    Pencilsharpener Show

    Take book Show

    You can do more with the book…

    Numbers are everywhere



  3. Mickey says:

    For the notebook

  4. A says:

    i got all that. has someone completed the game yet??

  5. Mickey says:

    Not me!
    I’m thinking the colors of the numbers might have to do something with the books on the desk?? Or am I making it to difficult and is it much easier??

  6. Sergio says:

    it could be useful also 3 fo the blue clock (3 or 1+2)?

  7. tzsbin says:

    does anyone know how the lock works?

  8. ashley says:

    i’m trying to figure out the lock too. and the computer password

  9. Mickey says:

    Password for computer is:

  10. nitrox says:

    hey mickey maybe the colors of the books have nothing to do with the order of the lock because the buttons get pressed down and then you try to open it (you get wt im tryin to say?) but then again i could be mistaken *shrugs*…

  11. mammis says:

    What is the sign on the closet reading?

  12. mammis says:

    Got a Show

    Lets see what this will help

  13. Mickey says:

    Sorry, my japanes is really bad. Am guessing the text on the computer has to be translated………….
    Nitrox… think you have a point there…..
    We need a translator!!!!!

  14. mammis says:

    Well, it didn´t help much :-(

  15. mammis says:

    Well, I give up this one, have no idea on the Show

  16. help me says:

    anyone finished the game yet?

  17. help me says:

    the code for the bag is [spoiler] 2-5-8-9

  18. help me says:


  19. help me says:

    but u have to get the watch first [spoiler]its in the 2nd drawer and u use the tab key to find it then use it on the 3rd drawer to get the watch[spoiler]

  20. Americanadian says:

    Once you have all the items (or so it seems) use the key on the door……I can’t read Japanese but perhaps that is the end?

  21. i won it easly!10 minutes!

  22. otacsaf says:

    can you die in this? Show

  23. otacsaf says:

    I think I died again! Show

  24. who on earth put that there *quickly swerves* says:

    i have no idea whether or not i completed the game because everything is japanese, but
    go to the second drawer and unlock the padlock the password is

    get the key in the green bag
    go to the front door or whatever, and use the key in the door
    a green screen comes up and the games finished

  25. madz says:

    you don’t even have to do anything else.


    Beat my time!!! 38 sec

  26. gremlin lover says:

    ha ha i beat your time madz i got 20 sec

  27. ceri says:

    wats the code for the bag

  28. Hippy says:

    PLEASE do the walkthrough… I’m completely stuck… =/