Flash Back: Ultra Block

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Ultra BlockUltra BlockUltra Block is a clone of Collapse, a Puzzle game published in 1999 by GameHouse.

By clicking on a group of 3 or more same-colored blocks, the whole group disappears, and the hole is filled first by the elements falling from above. The bigger the group, the larger the bonus (you get 30 points for each combo plus 20 times the number of blocks destroyed)!

If you make a mistake and click a block that doesn’t have at least two like-colored neighbors, it is replaced by a white skull head. If you click a white skull head, it turns red and you get an extra row as a penalty.

If a whole column is cleared, the blocks slide to the center of the field. If the blocks rise to the top of the board, the game is over.

Ultra Block is a very fun to play collapse-like game, and unlike Gem Mine, there is even a high-scores board in the version hosted at FreeGamesNews!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


4 Comments to Flash Back: Ultra Block

  1. Duero says:

    Ouch, a game that small in size hurts the eyes to play. Heck, the thumbnail picture of the game is 4 times bigger than the game itself.

  2. Eric says:

    Duero – Could you refresh your page and let me know if there is still a problem?

  3. Duero says:

    Much better.

  4. Victoria Gosney says:

    I cannot get further than level 17 and do not understand all these people on the score score board with scores in the hundreds of thousands! Any tips????