Another Wanpa Quest 2 – Makaimon’s Searching 2 for PC

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Makaimon's Searching 2 for PCMakaimon’s Searching 2 for PC is a new Japanese Room Escape game from the author of the Another Wanpa Quest series. Help the snail Makaimon to open the safe and get the key to live his house! It’s all in Japanese, and it’s for specialists only! Have fun!

By Eric

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27 Comments to Another Wanpa Quest 2 – Makaimon’s Searching 2 for PC

  1. monte says:

    I have found Show

    please help me someone

  2. monte says:

    also found what looks like blue tweezers

  3. monte says:

    found thrid card with laetters on it

  4. wolfen_at_max says:

    where r u finding all of this stuff ive got about half that. also can’t get into safe

  5. jo says:

    where are the batteries? i found one but not the other!

  6. monte says:

    you need to hit the hammer into the rock

  7. pegasus says:

    break the stone

  8. jo says:

    ok…. where is the hammer? LOL

    jo x

  9. pegasus says:

    monte, the key is under the bed you have to use flashlight and tweezers

  10. monte says:

    you need to keep picking up the pillow. try to pick up the pillow when you have the rock high lighted too. I forget how it happened, but it did fall when you keep picking up the pillow

  11. jo says:

    thanx alot i will try!
    jo x

  12. wolfen_at_max says:

    for hammer Show

  13. monte says:

    i just found fourth card with letter on it. i am going to lunch, so I iwll be back after….

  14. wolfen_at_max says:

    where is the 2nd and 3rd card, and the code for the computer?

  15. jo says:


    jo x

  16. wolfen_at_max says:

    FIRST yeah :) end Show

    hope u had as much fun as i did

  17. monte says:

    i believe i hae everything except the code to that safe. any help?

  18. monte says:

    pegasus how do you get into the safe

  19. pegasus says:

    there is bug , when you click left bottom of the door it finishes …. by the way you can find a key in the vase on the floor with using hammer..

  20. monte says:

    i found the key in the vase but have no idea whwere it goes. clicking the bottom left of the door did nothing for me!!!

  21. monte says:

    that bug on the bottom of the door did wok this time. that is weird

  22. pegasus says:

    for the safe… books color is B O G R … computer shows 3B 9O 7R… so code is 39 X 7=273

  23. foodleface says:

    can someone make a walkthrough

  24. esk says:

    you dont need a walkthrough click the door or bottom of the door right side

  25. cgblue says:

    Ok i have Show

    Someone help me !!!

  26. cgblue says:

    i have a silver key and a gold key

  27. cgblue says:

    where do you get the tweezers?