Tomatea – Figurines Room Escape

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After Summer Night Escape, here is Figurines Room Escape, the latest Room Escape game from Tomatea.

Have fun!

By Eric

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27 Comments to Tomatea – Figurines Room Escape

  1. dg says:

    The only problem I had was figuring out the code near the table lamp.
    Hint 1: Show

    Hint 2: Show

    Hint 3: Show

  2. nick says:

    I’m stuck at the Show

    any hints guys?

  3. Tan says:

    Quick but cute.

  4. dg says:

    There’s a problem in turning the pages of the book. If you click at the extreme right, you just get the figurine on the middle shelf next to the books. To turn the pages, you should click at the bottom of the right page, somewhat to the right of the center of the page.

  5. nick says:

    thanks JJA and I feel dumb…

  6. bq says:

    anyone have code for small drawer under water pitcher..

  7. aliceboy says:

    Oh good, I’m the not only one having trouble with the arrows code under that pitcher. It seems like it should just be a matter of Show

    but that didn’t work for me.

    • bq says:

      seems to lead to dead ends or round and round. i’m starting to feel really dumb

      • Katharine says:


    • aliceboy says:

      No, what I said was the way to do it, I was just doing one of the buttons wrong (counting spaces wrong)! But if you follow the instructions I gave above, that’ll do ‘er. Starting at lower left.

      • aliceboy says:

        And with that, I’m out. Very nice, typical of Tomatea. Like the calm music and the neat graphic style. Everything worked out either logically…or like other escape games.

  8. bq says:

    did figure out Show

  9. bq says:

    got it! thank you both

  10. bq says:

    good puzzle that arrow one, out!

  11. Me2 says:

    Good, logical, just hard enough.

  12. WonderWorm says:

    I can’t get the one picture off the wall. I tried Show

    • MiniTaurus says:

      me too..

    • MiniTaurus says:

      ahhh… Show

    • Toby says:

      I tried Show

      • Toby says:


  13. sdm says:

    d color code is green red blue yellow.D no. code is 1317.

  14. tati says:

    i cant get the movements for picture

  15. tati says:

    I´ve tried wwwith intervals 1 3 5 7 but nothing happens….help

  16. ptesau says:

    Stuck with the picture too…

    You’ve numbers by using the lamps. This should give you something like that :

    PS : excuse my english, i’m french.

    • tati says:

      I´ve got it: it makes the figure of the picture, you have only to press in the correct order. I hope you understand me