Hot Air 2 is live!

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Hot Air 2Hot Air 2Great news today: after months of waiting (the game created by Nitrome was originally expected to be released in February), Hot Air 2 is finally here!

The gameplay is still the same as the original: simply use the fan with your mouse to control your balloon and collect the stars, activate the switches or catch the keys needed to complete each stage.

With its 30 brand new scrolling levels, and tons of new enemies and bosses, Hot Air 2 is better than the original in any way. The graphics and the animations are brilliant, and there is no doubt that a version of Hot Air 2 with 50 levels and a few more bosses would be a hit in the Big Fish games catalogue!

My only complain, as often with Nitrome games, is the in-game music, terrible; if you really want to enjoy this true masterpiece, just turn off the music and play your favorite CD.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.25


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  2. lewman says:

    if u use the balloon maker on Nitrome’s site, u will get the balloons u made in ur balloon select list! i have a headcase one, a mario one and a snot put one.

  3. ???? says:

    wow how do u make stuff like that!