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Impasse describes itself as a “difficult and different minimalist” puzzle game.

Discover the rules as you go and make your way to the goal of each level.”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.13


11 Comments to Impasse

  1. osmodiar says:

    Made it to Bridge (9), now stuck.

  2. BloodyMartyr says:

    Go Show

  3. Me2 says:

    Fun game, I’m stuck on Flash (10).

  4. Me2 says:

    Power of posting, I got it.

  5. MiniTaurus says:

    stuck on sidestep T.T

  6. butcher says:

    I’m stuck on hurdle (14) :/.

  7. fuegomanchego says:

    Solution to the last level


  8. Sarah says:

    The person who thought of this type of puzzle is a genius. Great, great strategy game! I suggest you try everything, again and again if necessary, instead of using a walkthrough. It is much more rewarding. I gave it a full 5.

  9. Daniela says:


  10. fuegomanchego says:

    Brilliant game! As Sarah says, avoid using a walkthrough, ‘cos it is fun. Having said that though, here’s my walkthrough ;)


    • Ivy says:

      Gah thanks so much! I couldn’t find anything else that had gotten to level 12 except people trying to give each other hints or argue about why it’s not really that difficult.