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By Thomas Brush, the author of Coma, here is Skinny, a adventure platform game where you have to help a robot save the apocalyptic world from their minds.

Use ASWD to move and jump, press the spacebar to talk, and your mouse to shoot.

Have fun!

Note: Double-click for fullscreen!

By Eric

current rating 3.50


8 Comments to Skinny

  1. alexa karuda says:

    Beautiful game, but REALLY aggravating gameplay. Several steps require precise timing and sheer luck. Made it through, but it took lots of patience. Ending was unsatisfying, and mostly felt like a level was missing. :( Aside from those things, though, it was fun (when I wasn’t going crazy).

  2. Porter says:

    I haven’t played this one yet, but man does that guy know how to make an impressive atmosphere.

  3. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    This game is probably the first thing that has ever made me feel disadvantaged for being right-handed.

  4. Pres says:

    Does anyone knows how to JUMP and PRESS OVER at the same time to climb the chimney?

  5. Apanathi says:

    how do I use the new achieved jumping skills???

    • 2MuchGameTime says:

      Hold the jump button (‘W’ key or the UP arrow, whichever you prefer) while alternating between the ‘A’ & ‘D’ keys or LEFT & RIGHT arrows. As soon as you bounce off one wall switch to the other key.

  6. 2MuchGameTime says:

    What’s up with the ending? Does anyone know if there are alternate endings? I thought I got all hidden objects but I still felt I was left hanging.