Tomatea – Pearl Room Escape

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After Vintage memory, here is Pearl Room Escape, the latest Room Escape game from Tomatea.

Have fun!

Pearl Room Escape walkthrough (thanks Genie!)

By Eric

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7 Comments to Tomatea – Pearl Room Escape

  1. Genie says:

    I have Show

    I had (now used and gone) Show

    • JJA says:

      I’m in the same spot as you! I have two of the three cabinets open, can’t figure out the first one??

      • Genie says:

        Hint: use the clue Show

        Still stuck: Show

  2. Genie says:

    Out now. Not too difficult. A walkthrough:

  3. goldie says:

    Thnx Genie for the W.T.

  4. Hector says:

    nice game!!!