Tucoga’s Room

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Tucoga's RoomTucoga's RoomTucoga’s Room is a Room Escape game created by Tuco Amaral of Brazil. In this game all written in Portuguese, you find yourself trapped in a room that could be described as a “Blue Chamber“.

There are a lot of items hidden in Tucoga’s Room and you will have to collect them all before being able to exit.

Nice and fun, here is a new Room Escape game that should keep you busy for a while, especially if you try to complete it without help.

Have fun!

Update: Tucoga’s Room walkthrough in comment #2 (thanks ben!) 

By Eric

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82 Comments to Tucoga’s Room

  1. nicky says:


  2. joseph says:

    i found everything but couldnt open the door what shud i doo??
    hint 29 is a bit bit annoying how come we can hit the mirror b4 collectin white n orange diamonds??? n moreover after hitting da mirror the laser lite dissapears plz make the hint clear enuf to make me out of the room…………..

  3. Jae says:

    how do you put the laser on the arrow????

  4. tiffa says:

    (I dont think anyone already said this) to get the battery in the wall, you go to the window of the big city. and zoom in on the bottom right. you should see it. its under the wallpaper though.


  5. dude says:

    need help cant find the battery thats in the wall any idea where it is?

  6. omgurmum says:

    What is the god damn time ffs!

  7. omgurmum says:

    Cmon some1 tell me

  8. omgurmum says:

    Tucoga’s Room walkthrough


  9. MusikIsMyLyfe says:

    Where Is The Walkthrough??

  10. rgrgrgrg says:

    Hey can any1 tell me where the hand clock is plz i cant find it

  11. nikki says:

    what is that mean LHS?? and i cant find the 1st bid battery and the last smal one help me pls!!!

  12. sara says:

    LHs means left hand side and the 1st small battery is behind the leg of of the table with the lamp on nd the last big 1 is o the ceiling on the same scene as the table

  13. ADRIANA says:


  14. lild says:

    i have smashed the mirror but i cant find the orange and white pieces plz help

  15. Uriah says:

    The key under the mattress – help pleaaaaaaaaase

    First – from which angle do I start? The one from which I see the whole nightstand and part of the bed? or the one from which I see all the bed, part of the nightstand and the cupboard too?
    In the latter angle I see something whitish under the bed next to the nightstand, but I just caaaaaaaaaaaaan’t reach it… It’s a torture, really, please explain all the details you can… Thanks in advance!

  16. Uriah says:

    OK, I’ve found it! :)

  17. THASYA says:


  18. Wonder Woman says:

    Okay!!!! Found Show

  19. no name says:

    i cant find the large battery…….pls help me

  20. weam says:

    also i can’t zoom in ………..

  21. VanVan says:

    OMG! This is crazy – how do you “sit” the lazer pen on the sheet of paper next to the lamp? It doesnt stay put!!!???

    PLEASE – any ideas?

  22. Carla says:

    I am going crazy! How do I turn the lamp on?

  23. Stefaniya says:

    To Carla: Put the both large batteries in the lamp to turn on.

    I’m stuck. Where do I click about this: “27. Hold template over bottom left side of colour puzzle to reveal phrase in portugese and series
    of colours.”

  24. Bia says:

    OMG what do i do about that green \o/ guy on the wall???? it says you’re supposed to put his head on his arms, but i can’t do that? How is it done?????????

    By the way, if you hold the template (the one you found under the yellow carpet) over that color puzzle you’ll read a phrase in portuguese that means something around “i wonder if it’s here” and the last 5 squares show you the order of the color diamonds to place in that grey thinggy on the other wall!

  25. as says:

    The game is too easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. noname says:

    How the hell am I supposed to put the laser on the blank sheet of paper under the lamp?!?!?

  27. Papuna says:

    were is that battery on wall or what ever help plzzzzzzz

  28. dede says:



    thanks to csdavison in escapegames24

  29. Rinus says:

    Jae, the three small batteries must first in the laser pen. the blank paper must be under the desk lamp, and the desk lamp must be on. put the laser pen on the paper. find a red spot on the wall in the room with the closet. place mirror on spot. laser is now reflected onto pinboard. klick on the spot and get the white piece and the orange piece. combine the orange piece with the color cube and you have the exit-key.

  30. sunny says:

    wheeeeres the greeen leaf/tile?? i know its in the leaves but which one???

  31. USaferWthDelusn says:

    Spanish language is not as such difficult as the Portuguese. I think the American Mexican more easier to understand than the “tuco” game true Lords writings of the genuine European Spain. If they might to give some comments on the translation?

  32. USaferWthDelusn says:

    Lo traductore servicio, porfa vor.