Bianco Bianco – Tokio 2

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Tokio 2 is the latest Room Escape game from Bianco Bianco, the author of Hotel Bianco Bianco, Matiawase, Escape from Blender Art Gallery, Mystery House in Japan, St 12, Rougoku, Magical Sphere Escape, Kerrochi’s Escape from the Ranch and many more.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.30


5 Comments to Bianco Bianco – Tokio 2

  1. White Wolf says:

    hmmm. Another glitch?? Get all the way to the end but the dart puzzle wont work. :0(

    • Sol says:

      You sure you got the hint right? I’m not sure, but Show

      • Sol says:

        Ah, okay, so it seems to be the Show

      • White Wolf says:

        Got it!


        1. Show

        2. Show

        3. Show

        That should get you out.
        Good Luck!

  2. Sol says:

    Thank you, White Wolf! The order of the numbers in the last puzzle was what was missing.
    Also, game’s still a little buggy.