Bustabrain 2

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Bustabrain 2 is the second installment in the Bustabrain puzzle series created by Tom Vencel.

Follow the basic instructions and solve the puzzle to move onto the next level.

“Do you have what is takes to take on the brain busting puzzles of Bustabrain 2?”

Have fun!

By Eric

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60 Comments to Bustabrain 2

  1. sukimoe says:

    First.. :-)

  2. Chibi says:

    Stuck in level 9.

  3. zee! says:

    Level 9 answer: Show

    Took me a while to get it as well. :)

  4. cmerd says:

    level 9: Show

  5. cmerd says:

    stuck on level 10 now

    • sukimoe says:

      level 10 : [spoiler]add the colors of the 2 pictures above and note, it’s blue not purple[spoiler]

    • SmartyTarty says:

      Level 01: Show

      Level 02: Show

      Level 03: Show

      Level 04: Show

      Level 05: Show

      Level 06: Show

      Level 07: Show

      Level 08: Show

      Level 09: Show

      Level 10: Show

      Level 11: Show

      Level 12: Show

      Level 13: Show

      Level 14: Show

      Level 15: Show

      Level 16: Show

      Level 17: Show

      Level 18: Show

      Level 19: Show

      Level 20: Show

      Level 21: Show

      Level 22: Show

      Level 23: Show

      Level 24: Show

      Level 25: Show

      Level 26: Show

      Level 27: Show

      Level 28: Show

      Level 29: Show

      Level 30: Show

  6. Jo says:

    Level 25

  7. Mi says:

    Level 15 anyone?

    • cmerd says:

      15: Show

  8. cmerd says:

    arrgh level 27!!

  9. Jo says:

    Help with level 25 cmerd?!

  10. Jo says:

    Lol, 25 not 20 x

  11. level 10 is blowing my brain, regardless of the above hint, as it changed this time i played and makes even less sense, i closed the window when i was on level 10 earlier today

    • oooooooooooooooo. so black and white Show

    • sukimoe says:

      Ok I’ve restarted the game and in level 10 the colors change but the “system” is still the same : Show

  12. sukimoe says:

    level 27 anyone ?

  13. julie says:

    any better hints for 15?

  14. Countess_Deecula says:

    Stuck on 25

  15. taurus42867 says:

    level 12? lol

  16. neocro says:

    Level 27 is killing me to.

  17. WonderWorm says:

    I hate it when games require sound, but you don’t find out until you’re well into the game. I bet that pisses off deaf people, too. Guess what? Now you’re stuck! Check the walkthrough–no help there. Or you could try all … let’s see 4!=24 combinations to get to the next level. Maybe I’ll come back to it when I’m not listening to music.

  18. Melye says:

    Can someone help me on level 5, please?????

  19. sumguy says:

    i got all dice :)

  20. sdm says:

    Level 25- remove d top 2 & bottom 2 matches.

  21. WonderWorm says:

    There is a (text) walkthrough.

  22. Pan says:

    Melye, for level 5Show

    Will someone please help with 27!?!? It’s driving me bonkers!

  23. lol man says:

    11 please :0

    • tigergurrrl says:


  24. lol man says:

    never mind

  25. Jamesjangles says:


  26. ladybird says:

    level 11?

    • MoJo says:

      Shake the sign to get the dice. Clear the clouds so the family will come. Then put the family in the tree.

  27. plantlovezombieHATE! says:

    help me with level 20… PLEASE!!!

  28. plantlovezombieHATE! says:

    I do level 20 correctly, but nothing’s happening. RAAAAAH!!!!!

    • Mari says:

      I was stuck there as well Show

      I hope that helps! :)

  29. Frey says:

    Level 17?

  30. Brandon says:

    What are the 5 difference on level 21

  31. james says:

    29 anyone

  32. Lexie says:

    oh my gosh. im stuck on 10. can someone pleaseeeee help.

  33. Tick tock says:

    hey what about 22 i need help?

  34. WonderWorm says:

    If you want the answer, consult the WALKTHROUGH (I posted the link above). It includes the locations of all the dice; almost all of them can be (and might need to be) found before solving the puzzle.
    Here are explanations of solutions, in case you need them:
    7: Show

    10: Show

    13: Show

    14: I never figured out the pattern. The walkthrough only works if you use it from the beginning of the level.
    17: Show

    30 (solution): Show

  35. Lee says:

    I need 12 D:

  36. MoJo says:

    Level 17 anyone?

  37. rey says:

    20 please! :(((

  38. Pandamonium! says:

    I need some help with 12 anyone know it?

  39. autumn says:

    i need help on 29 anyone help me!!!!!!!

  40. sam says:

    where is the die on 25

  41. Lily says:

    I can’t beat level 10

  42. sillybily says:

    anyone for 17 plz