Clarence’s Big Chance

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Clarence’s Big Chance is a platform game developed by FigHunter.

“Clarence has never been on a date in his 35 years of life. But today that changes!

He must run and jump around four large levels, collecting items to impress the lady of his dreams while going about his daily routine!

How well you perform determines which of the five endings you will get!”

Have fun!

By Eric

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59 Comments to Clarence’s Big Chance

  1. rc says:

    It’s a big game, maybe too big?

  2. Random Boy says:

    wow thats a really LONG game… after chapter one, i got really bored… -.- but i liked chapter one!

  3. Sol says:

    Phew, yeah, it IS a very long game. At least they have included a save function.
    The game idea is interesting for sure.

  4. I’m stuck. How do you jump from the latter unto the platform in the basement at the bottom right?

    • Sol says:

      You mean where you can see the necklace in the distance? IIRC, you cannot. You have to take a detour by taking all the way to the left.

      • blade says:

        You can, i did it, you have to wait for a bat then jump off it at the exact right time and you can get up

  5. Sarah says:

    I’m on level 2. I wish Clarence had a gun.

  6. Anoymous says:

    how to become not sick?

  7. Javk says:

    In the office level, where are the 10 scorpions? And what/where are the ten tasks?

  8. Hnnnnnggggg says:

    When you’re in the office and you get the meme about the strange noises, how do you find it out?
    It’s the zombies, I’ve already been to that floor, but how do I complete the quest?

  9. FighterSC says:

    In the office level, i did all the tasks except for “Clear the Boss’s Search History”
    any help on how to do it?

    • Belgarion says:

      You must be on your computer to do this tast, like four other task.

      • Hnnnnnggggg says:

        I’m stuck here too. I know you have to be on the internet, but what part?
        I’ve been wandering around the internet level and can’t find anything new.

      • Hnnnnnggggg says:

        OH YEAH.

      • Quadtard says:

        How did you do it? The email and files folder are blank for me.

      • AnswerMan says:

        You have to go to your work station, and then go to the Internet level on your computer. Walk left and keep going until you see the “History” door. This will lead you to a level filled with the Whore enemies. You have to kill them all in order to succeed at the task. One of them can only be killed with the car so look out for the button on that level.

      • Habbinsonion says:

        how do you get to the computer in the 1st place???!! HELP :(

  10. roy says:

    in the start of level 2- how to do you break the blocks

  11. Clara says:

    What animal does she prefer?

    • Claire says:

      If you’ve got the right Personality Tip it should tell you what her favourite animal is. Same applies for the flowers and chocolates.

      • xxnammixxo says:

        But, what is the animal, the chocolate is WHITE and the flower is TULIPS, but what about the animal?

      • alex says:

        it’s all different depending on what tips you get… someone else had roses, sea slug, milk chocolate. mine was white chocolate, not sure which animal (she did not like the roses, or the sea slug).

  12. Chi says:

    In the little visagetone website thing on the internet, how do I get to the other side? I’m stuck on one side and I can’t get to the other

    • alex says:

      there’s another door in another section of the internet that you missed. i missed it too. just do another quick round… go right from the main area, IIRC. I didn’t know it was a door the first time around.

  13. John says:

    How do you get cured once you are sick???

  14. Sarah says:

    Where are the four tips in level 1?

  15. Bib says:

    I’m stuck! I can see the final memo on the roof top but I can’t figure out how to getit. I can’t seem to jump high enough, I’ve had no luck trying to jump higher by holding down space when killing birds… I even tried to jump onto the spikes to see if I’d bounce towards the memo (but can’t reach the spikes either. I feel like its obvious and I’mjust some how missing it….

  16. Mr.NoPants says:


  17. lala says:

    on level 3 where is the seventh task? is there a zombies floor???

    • Heironymus Merkin says:

      Go all the way to the top! See the discoloured stone? Walk on top of it and you’ll fall into a hidden area. Now get the car in that area to break open all the walls there and on floor 2.

  18. katabo says:

    in the office, how do you get that teeth on the 3rd floor hallway? it’s too high…. would anyone please help me? thanks

  19. miriam says:

    What chocolate does she prefer?

  20. ffeineandsugar says:

    Stuck trying to find the pants on level 1 – where be they?

  21. Haylee says:

    whats task 8?

  22. lauren says:

    How do I get to the zombie floor?

    • ItsMeeexD says:

      Go to the top of the elevator shaft. You see that little floor at the very top? Yeah, there. Go to the empty ground on there and fall in. then go right and its up to you after that.

  23. Jimbob says:

    How do u get ending number 5?

    • Heironymus Merkin says:

      Answer as many questions right as possible. Do you see the ‘mood?’
      You need the bar like 95% filled. (I missed two questions but still got it)
      Gifts and your own demeanor (green things you’ve done + if you’re wearing executive suit or not) affect it more than getting questions right. Also the poetry from the attic works on most dates so try that as the third or fourth conversation choice. Nab all the gifts to throw it up halfway as well.
      Also she did mention something about expecting more when I gave her four gifts (stuffed animal, chocolate, flower, necklace) what did I miss?

  24. Lily says:

    Help! I can’t find the tooth paste!! Also, does the necklace in the basement make him less nervous?

  25. jana says:

    in the second level, while in the treetops above the park, what is the car for that keeps falling through the (dis/re)appearing tiles and into the water below?
    and where can you get a key to get the final hint, the one behind the locked door? or do i need to come back for that later?

  26. bread says:

    Going back to the third level, I found nine tasks, but not the one about the boss’s history. Where is that?

    • bread says:

      By which I mean where is the piece of paper. I’ve been to the history part of my computer, but never found anything resembling a task. I’ve used every app in the comp except “files,” which is empty. What am I missing?

  27. em says:

    where do you find the tie, does it come with the shirt?

  28. Clarence's sister says:

    I must be doing something wrong
    I have all the items and when I try to get out of the house nothing happens
    I redid all the rooms and still stuck in the house
    Help please

  29. chrisy says:

    if you r goin to date wanda, what type of chocolate will she like?