Inferno Meltdown

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Inferno Meltdown is the sequel to Infernophysics-based platformer where your goal is to save burning buildings from total destruction.

Inferno 2 “features highly flammable and explosive gameplay. Includes oil barrels and petrol pumps that explode.

Sprinklers to help keep the fire back. Fans that spread the fire to other areas via the air-ducts. People to rescue.

Upgrade your firebot with coins you collect on the levels.”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.08


One Comment to Inferno Meltdown

  1. WonderWorm says:

    I found the coins irritating. Collecting them was often the opposite of doing well in the level. It would make more sense to reward them for saving people and minimizing property damage.

    Fun fact: Water doesn’t put out fires when it’s liquid (propane, gasoline, crude oil, etc.) that’s burning. Also, nuclear waste is a byproduct; it’s not manufactured on an assembly line.