Abroy – Ancestors Legacy

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After Forbidden Military Base, here is Ancestors Legacy, the latest Room Escape game from Abroy. “There isn’t more important things in life then the legacy a person gets from his/her ancestors. Find the glues and hints about your genealogy and see if you are smart enough to use it for your own good and get out of this mansion.” Have fun!

Ancestors Legacy walkthrough (thanks osmodiar!)

By Eric

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5 Comments to Abroy – Ancestors Legacy

  1. Spackobert says:

    The most annoying thing in these abroy games is the ever-repeating music…makes me go nuts! And I don’t like to turn it off – so I quit almost every game…

  2. brin3m says:

    where do you put the puzzle pieces

    • Me2 says:

      You click just to the left of the Show

      and it will give you a frame to put the pieces in. Can’t do until you Show

  3. aliceboy says:

    There’s always some single stupid thing that almost always catches me with Abroy games. This time it was where to put the damn puzzle! Otherwise a nicely done one.

  4. osmodiar says:

    They can be a bit annoying, but they are prolific, and compared to the 123Bee games they are far more manageable.