Caesar Vs. Pirates

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Caesar Vs. Pirates is a Room Escape game from Tomatea, where you will have to help Caesar, who was captured by pirates, to escape from their Galley and change history again! The navigation is a bit awkward in this one, but it’s still worth a try. Have fun!

Caesar Vs. Pirates walkthrough (thanks ff04ooen!)

By Eric

current rating 2.88


5 Comments to Caesar Vs. Pirates

  1. Bigclems says:


  2. Scout88 says:

    Not too bad. Took a little longer than it should have since it wasn’t always clear what needed to be done with the objects. Nothing a little patience and experimenting couldn’t solve.

  3. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    Can anyone please tell me where Show


    • Scout88 says:

      Not sure of the logic, but if you notice the sequence of Roman numerals on the side of the ship (seen in a side view with the barrel in the middle), you see 2 occurrences of the same number. So the answer is: Show

  4. ff04ooen says: