Penguins Attack 3

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“Once again the penguins have returned hell bent on world domination. Use all the weapons and cunning at your disposal to fend of these two tone tyrants once and for all.”

Penguins are back in Penguins Attack TD 3, the third Tower Defense game created by Jon Bartram.

Is this one better than its predecessor? You tell me!

Oh, and welcome in 2011!

Have fun!

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By Eric

current rating 3.86


3 Comments to Penguins Attack 3

  1. Enora says:

    It’s better than the first one in the aspect that it doesn’t have as many glitches.
    There are a lot of reasons I still dislike the third one though.

    1) far far far too easy, you finish unlocking everything very early in the game
    2) It’s hard to understand what “Kill 100 enemies at the gate” means, I’m gathering it means to kill them at the finish line, but where exactly and is it actually accomplishable? I have questions about how well any of the Penguin games were beta’d or whether they were at all.
    3) It would be nice to see how close you are to achieving the trophy’s such as for the one that’s kill 100 enemies at the start, have a number showing how many you’re killed at the beginning so far.

    Actually I lied, there isn’t many reasons, just those three but they’re big reasons. This game is still a good game, it looks great. Is a lot of fun. but it could be better, a lot better.

  2. WhiteMoon says:

    I fully agree with Enora. PA3 wanted to be brand new and original, but infortunately it doesn’t offer the balance of difficulty of the earliest opus. Way too easy, a few turrets with the best upgrades will do all the job, so you’ll finish the last level just watching penguins dying, without any fear or difficulty. At the end I was playing PA2 as PA3 was running on another windows, just to finish the game…

    I’d like a lot if a new PA based on the second one shows up !