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Cubox IIICubox is a small but sophisticated puzzle game developed by Chris Clements from in 2004.

The object of the game is to rearrange cubes to make the starting room identical to the finished one. The room is a three by three squares board. Click on the arrows surrounding the room to move the cubes.

If you exceed the expected amount of moves, you will lose 1 life block for each additional move; if you click on the reset button, you will also lose one life block. The game ends once your life blocks have been exhausted. Rearrange cubes with the expected number of moves and you will earn a few extra life blocks.

There are a lot of special cubes in Cubox, like lightning cubox, bumpers, sensors, disposers, spectral wheels, U shapes, transformers, shifters and teleporters. Each special cube has its own characteristics (detailed in the game by clicking on the ‘?’ located at the top of the game window).

Chris has released two sequels of Cubox, Cubox 2 and Cubox 3. Each game includes 6 stages, and each stage includes 8 different rooms. If you enjoyed playing with CuberXtreme (reviewed here), you should have fun with Cubox games. With simple but perfect graphics and animations, and nearly 150 different puzzles to solve, expect playing Cubox for a few hours!

Cubox Cubox Cubox II Cubox II Cubox III Cubox III

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