Wogger Mini – Chapters 57 and 58

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Wogger MiniWogger MiniWogger Mini #57 is online! In the never ending story of the mythical world of Wogger, it’s now time for Wogger to struggle again with a giant spider. Remember? Never touch any spider in Wogger World!

Will you be able to complete this 57th episode?

Have fun!

Update: chapter 58 is online!

Update: Wogger Mini 57 walkthrough in comment #5 (thanks Sara!)

Update: Wogger Mini 58 walkthrough in comment #6 (thanks Sara!)

By Eric

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6 Comments to Wogger Mini – Chapters 57 and 58

  1. Leo says:

    How you turn off the light?

  2. yamon says:


  3. pOlo says:

    how do i solve the56 capital

  4. pOlo says:

    i really cant solve level 56 :((( at the end i can only open and close the door…but nothing else?!

  5. Sara says:

    Level 57 walkthrough


  6. Sara says:

    Level 58 Walkthrough