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RoboclawRoboclawRoboclaw, developed by Mobasher Iqbal, is one of the really good dexterity games available right now on the Web. Your goal is to use a small robot arm to grab the blue orb and move it onto the goal, without hitting any obstacles.

Control the robot arm by using the arrow keys. Right and left arrows to rotate main “shoulder”, down and up arrows to rotate “elbow”, clockwise and counter-clockwise, respectively.

Take your time to get used to the robot arm movements: it takes time before you get comfortable with. As pointed in the game instructions, your arm can go through any obstacles, and it is usually helpful !

Difficulty increases through the different 30 levels with moving walls, and later a moving arm. The remaining time after you end a level determines your score.

Roboclaw includes level passwords, so you don’t have to solve any level more than once if you want to end the game.

Roboclaw is as easy-to-play as its arm is sometimes tricky to use. If you want to test your patience and your dexterity during your next break, you know what to do!

Have fun!

Update: in case you have problems with the arrow keys, play Roboclaw here!

By Eric

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4 Comments to Roboclaw

  1. anonymous says:

    Level codes


  2. V00D00 says:

    my arrow keys won’t work in the game

  3. Burneyy says:

    yeah i got the same prob ..nothing works ..not w,a,s,d, or arrow keys

  4. Eric says:

    V00D00, Burneyy – You are right, nothing works in the game in the original link!

    But it works fine if you play Roboclaw here ;-)