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Akarimado is a Room Escape game from Petithima. For an unknown reason, you find yourself locked in an office, and the exit door is locked. Look around for useful items, combine some of them and eventually escape from Akarimado room! Fans of the genre should enjoy this one! Have fun!

Akarimado walkthrough (thanks Monte49!)
Akarimado video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 3.73


13 Comments to Akarimado

  1. NoviceG says:

    Anyone playing. I have Show

    Only one view?

  2. Monte49 says:

    i am at the same place. cant get anything else to do anything.

  3. Monte49 says:

    code for box

  4. NoviceG says:

    Now in second room.
    If you’re still stuck with just a Show

    Hint: Show

    Code: Show

  5. Monte49 says:


  6. NoviceG says:

    Currently stuck (hopefully not for long) with Show

    I assume I need to Show

    I can also Show

  7. Monte49 says:

    its all listed in my walkthrough

  8. NoviceG says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough. So much for those boxes.

  9. junbunni says:

    Yes there’s only one view in this room. And one view in the room with the color lock.

  10. taurus says:

    Very nice WT, Monte49.

  11. osmodiar says:

    Thanks for the walkthough, this game was a little tricky. I kept almost figuring it out.

  12. MiniTaurus says:

    this series is pretty good and hard ^^

  13. NFresh says:

    i like this series. they should make more. its challenging but not implossibly hard!