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Castaway is an isometric Strategy RPG from likwid where you find yourself stranded on a mysterious island and “it’s up to you to restore peace to its villagers.

Become a powerful warrior – growing your powers and abilities through over 50 quests across a distinct and visually stylized world.

Discover and raise loyal pets that will fight by your side in this unique action RPG.

Customize your appearance as you gain new armor and weapons from wooden sticks to elemental swords.”

A classic style RPG with a nice story. Don’t forget to save often!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.76


105 Comments to Castaway

  1. runescape pwnz says:

    @ claire:

    to kill the snakes, go east from the 2 sand beetle areas.

    (P.S : you might wanna bring some antidotes because the snakes posion pretty often)

  2. runescape pwnz says:

    @ bman

    like everyone else said go : east,north,north,east and look for a scorpion near a gigantic crystal thing

  3. Tom says:

    where is the stick at the beggining?

  4. sam. says:

    does anyone know what happens when you activate the lava generator?

  5. Jono says:

    Where do i get the wooden stick at the beginning it says its there but i cant find it

  6. kent says:

    lava genarator just go to the end of castaway island

  7. MooMoo says:

    Where the heck is the stick they are talking about on the third screen, 2 minutes into the game? It says “That stick should help kill the beetles” but there’s NOTHING there!

    • Pie says:

      look in your inventory. Click the bag icon, the furthest to the left of the orange icons on the bottom of the screen

  8. samjackbro says:

    where the HELL is the sand generator?
    Please help me!

    • Genie says:

      Hope you’re still looking in for the answer:

      I think they get easier to find after this but that might just me getting used to things.

  9. Denilson says:

    i have bet this in day i have fight vs the ogers lord

  10. ezzeldin says:

    guys there is a lag in the game the stick is there but you cant see it click under on the place and ul get it u dont have to see it

  11. marty says:

    what pets have what special abilities and and wat lvl 20?

    • milankovitch says:

      any creature that can poison stun or freeze you.

      freeze- ice elemental, ice skorpian,
      poison- sand snake, venom snake, skorpian, wild scorpian, viper
      stun- ogre and ogre lords

  12. Pie says:

    Poison wears off – if you have lots of hp, and you get poisoned by a snake, you don’t have to worry about it that much.

  13. TrueCastaway says:

    Holy crap HOW DO YOU GET TO THE GRASSLANDS!!!! please help!

  14. A guy says:

    How do you get stick back if you sell it

    • SwordMeow says:


  15. D-Rock says:

    how do you get the key for the 1st gate?

  16. Rin says:

    is the game rly over after you finished all the quests? I was waiting for my chara to be able to at least leave the island or talk to someone one’s more OO did I do something wrong?

  17. gamer man says:

    what do i do to get it back if you despose it?? i need it for a quest but i desposed it

  18. Riggles says:

    After I finished the first quest, I couldn’t figure out how to get off of the castaway area and back to town. Help please?