Trial XIII

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Trial XIII is an unusual Room Escape game where you have been chosen to “participate in a human trial. You will find yourself in a room, each room has one exit. Complete tasks, solve puzzles to activate exits. Make your way through the rooms to the final exit!” Have fun!

Trial XIII walkthrough (thanks Herman!)
Trial XIII video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 3.80


22 Comments to Trial XIII

  1. Apanathi says:

    What’s the point with Show

    • Falael says:

      hint for the stars :

  2. Em says:

    10min and 18sec was my time..what was your times?

  3. Monte49 says:

    I got through it just over 12mins. Did it again and got 3. kind of a fun game the first time

  4. Hobo says:

    9 min 23…

    Good game, could have been a bit harder. Unless you got stuck I’d imagine first run thru average times would be <15? I think that's too quick.

    I'd to see the best times.

  5. victoria says:

    I feel stupid I can’t even get through room 2 help please

  6. victoria says:

    forget my last post I got it :)

  7. spi says:

    Stuck at room IX…

  8. keluz says:

    don’t know what to do in the last room

    • Herman says:

      Walkthrough – because I love you guys so much, I’ve done crude diagrams as well :)

      I. Show

      II. Show

      III. Show

      IV. Show

      V. Show

      VI: Show

      VII: Show

      VIII: Show

      IX: Show

      X: Show

      XI: Show

      XII: Show

      XIII: Show

      Hope you like the walkthrough!

      • Herman says:

        Whoops, didn’t mean to post my walkthrough here. I meant to answers keluz’s question, but got carried away…

  9. rosita says:

    6min 48:)

  10. Brenag1219 says:

    stuck at X

  11. Snowman says:

    Not bad, actually. Fun little puzzler.

    10:37. A little slow, but :) it was my first try.

  12. iamninjabob says:

    cool not too creative usualy games that dull have funny punch lines but no way i can say i didnt enjoy it i’m just in a trollin mood today haha

  13. MiniTaurus says:

    9 min 9 sec
    …nice time =)

  14. keluz says:

    @ Herman, ty… not logical at all :) But at last i finished the game, thanx to you.

  15. osmodiar says:

    Nice game! Just hard enough.

  16. captain wafer says:

    This is new for me to say, as I am not the brightest, but this game was way too easy. Definately fun, though.

  17. epic ownage says:

    2 minutes and 50 seconds