Dummy Never Fails

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Dummy Never Fails is a Physics-based puzzle game created by Xavier H. Divison and Israel A. Carroin.

Your goal is to throw dummies like a ragdoll to reach the target, without causing to much pain.

This game reminds a lot of Ragdoll Cannon, with a very similar gameplay.

Dummy Never Fails is a polished game that comes with 52 levels of various levels.

I like this game, but it would have been even better with higher difficulty and less levels…

Have fun!

Dummy Never Fails video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.21


164 Comments to Dummy Never Fails

  1. ssx says:

    dont worry got it

  2. McKenzie says:

    how do i get passed level 23??!!! D;

  3. Aarowaim says:

    All Skins In Order

    First Row
    Basic Dummy Show

    Farmer Show

    Tourist Show

    Cow Show

    Monster Show

    Censored Show

    Programmer Show

    Tanoku Fan Show

    Sponsor Show

    Second Row
    Muscleman Show

    Mech Show

    Afroman Show

    Sumotori Show

    Pilot Show

    Commander Show

    FBI Show

    Cowboy Show

    Egyptian Show

    Third Row
    Roman Show

    Zombie Show

    Rocco Show

    Astronaut Show

    Cudeiro Show

    Cheerleader Show

    Orc Show

    Barbarian Show

    Football Player Show

    Fourth Row
    Chinese Show

    Robot Show

    Pirate Show

    Yeti Show

    Vampire Show

    Superhero Show

    Gothic Show

    Skeleton Show

    Alien Show

    Fifth Row
    Artist Show

    Rocker Show

    Orchestra Leader Show

    Soldier Show

    White Dummy Show

    Polygon Mesh Show

    Mummy Show

    Sixth Row
    Office Worker Show

    Clown Show

    Prisoner Show

    Stickman Show

    Bear Show

    Bizarre Show

    Samurai Show

  4. Nexuskatana says:

    I got almost all skins i am just missing Total pain is less then 780,000 man i don’t even know what to do on that 1!

  5. Will says:

    Me neither :,(

  6. james says:

    hey guys i need help on how to get past level 38 any ideas?

  7. thekeay says:

    you see the thrusters on the right shoot the empty one between them

  8. Emmohalo says:

    Can somebody tell me how do i can gat “MECH” dummy if i have a total pain bigger than 780,000?

  9. Darrick.S says:

    how do i get the 4 last skin

    • Darrick.S says:

      the 4th last one

    • iHelpz4Yhu says:

      stickman-play game 10 times
      bear-shoot 10 dummies after u complete a level
      birzarre-get the heart symbol from lv how to do-shoot the metal b4 the goal ball
      samuria-get the pentagon symbol-how to do-use the empty middle right above laucher.

      Here. =)

  10. ray says:

    how do you reload the game?

  11. Erica says:


  12. chr155y says:

    i have just got all skins.

    to get the mech skin just get below the score and then submit it

  13. df says:

    How do you go through level 38?

  14. trevon wilson says:

    how do u beat level 38

  15. NinjaGaraa says:

    Hey I need help How u send a medium or small level what does it mean by sending a small or medium can someone help plz?

    • awesomeage says:

      i dont no eether its no annoying cos there the last 3 skins i need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kevin Alexander Wolf says:

        to send a level click save then press send.
        to send a small level just send a level with 1-14 objects on it.
        medium level means put at 15-25 objects
        large26+ objects

  16. sunshine. says:

    I cant get past level 51.
    Any tips?

    • gregsamsa says:


  17. anonymous says:

    boo. i am a spoiler. Show

  18. bk,h says:

    how do u make a small level in level editor

    • jacko4chelsea says:

      If you want to make a small level put in just blaster and target
      If you want to make a medium level put in blaster, target and a couple of objects
      If you want to make a large level put in blaster, target and loads of objects.

  19. Hayden White says:

    I’ve completed all levels all i need now is the three skins

  20. Silvia says:

    hi, i need the walkthough of level 45! pleasee :) thank you.

  21. smj says:

    i did the refresh 10 times and i still didnt get the guy for it

  22. awesomeage says:

    how do i send a level from the level editor????????? theres no send button!!!!!

  23. gamefreak says:

    I need to get the skin below the polygon mesh

  24. Lora Linn says:

    level 51 please!

  25. Lora Linn says:

    Finally got it!

  26. Silvia says:

    how do i get through level 17??? please,help!

  27. Brroha says:

    How do you “Reload” the game to get stickman?

  28. connor says:

    hi how do i complete level 38???? anyone?

  29. Nick says:

    Ya for the heart i cant get it i shot the thruster and didnt get it

  30. bobby says:

    how do i get pass level 45?

    • Vicar says:

      shoot the upper left movable block and wait for the movable ball to fall then the goal will show up….

  31. chris says:

    how do u get passed level 51??????

  32. Riomunn says:

    white dummyShow

  33. kabe123 says:

    what level is the square symbol on

  34. Vicar says:

    the lower right ones….