Penguins Attack TD 2

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“Once again the penguins are waging war on the human race, and they want to wipe us out!”

Penguins are back in Penguins Attack TD 2, the second Tower Defense game created by Jon Bartram.

Penguins Attack TD 2 is bigger, better and more challenging than its predecessor: it is well worth a try.

Have fun!

By Eric

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39 Comments to Penguins Attack TD 2

  1. Alleycat13 says:

    Level 3 was not well thought out. Since airplanes and balloons still travel to the back of the level and cost you lives you are forced to supply both entrance paths with adequate defenses, but there is simply not enough $ to do this. Im sure its beatable but so far is very frustrating.

    If the only way to beat this level is to continuously play levels 1&2 or the bonus level until upgrading enough to have the extra $ required to win that is extremely boring.

  2. tdmasta says:

    i just did it somehow without doing the level 1&2 thing

  3. Mike says:

    Yeah. Never had to repeat levels 1 & 2 to beat 3. Beat 3 on first try. Show

  4. Filip says:

    And where did you get the money to build 8 missle towers Mike? Each one costs 150$…
    By wave 15, tanks appear and you need more then just bullet towers and a missle tower to destroy them

  5. Mitschu says:


    Remember that upgrades cost 1/2 of the base cost – so for the missile towers, it’s rank 1: 150, rank 2: 225, rank 3: 300.

    In other words, you can get a R3 missile tower for the cost of 2 R1 missile towers. The R1 tower does 70 damage @ 20 rpm, the R3 does 120 @ 40 rpm. Not even factoring in the extra range, one can see R3 is 271% the efficiency of R1, for the same cost.

    As with most games, quality before quantity. Mike wasn’t telling you to build 8 towers before round 10, but rather before endgame. By round 10 you should have enough for 4 missile towers.

    If you still need help…

  6. me says:

    Level 4 stinks

  7. Eryth says:

    I beat level 4 by using a lot of basic towers to build a maze, drawing both entrances back and forth around my missile towers. I managed to beat it before getting the rank four upgrades… It’s a lot tougher than the next level, though.

    A bug with the helicopters appears again on level 6 as well, except it also effects planes… Any plane or helicopter that comes in on the bottom right exit appears briefly then vanishes, counting as a lost life, before any towers even have a chance to fire. By only letting through those planes and helicopters which literally couldn’t be shot at, you’re already down to five lives.

    • unsure says:

      I’ve tried this but I can’t seem to pass level 4 yet? what did you end up doing to pass it?

  8. yojim says:

    I’ve got a BIG BIG bug on level six. None of the flying goons are appearing on the right hand side… so I can’t shoot ’em down, but the game still thinks that they are there so it keeps eating up my lives. I had some other bugginess with flying goons on other levels (flying along the edges instead of down the main path) so I was still able to set up to shoot them down. I’ve built towers all over in hopes it might recognize something to shoot at but they simply do not register anything there (nor do I see anything FYI) but then my lives will go down by the amount of planes, helis, balloons that should have been there and at the time it would have taken to cross the screen and across the exit line.

    I can’t beat the level as a result. Tried all sorts of work arounds.


    • Chadley says:

      I have the same problem, I’m not sure if its a game glitch or where to put missile towers to take them down. I CANT get through it with any more than 5 lives and its killing my scores

      • Gman says:

        Sure you can. The helis are moving above the screen edge. Put a maxed 100$ tower or two directly to the right of the top entrance. Missiles won’t work for some reason.

  9. Blaine says:

    Loads of bugs in this one. The game claims to go to Level 12 in the Achievements, but only up to Level 8 is displayed. On another site I loaded the game and could see Level 9 to the right of the screen but when you try to play it the game screen is all gray and nothing works. Level 14 through 20 are displayed locked, but no 10 to 13. Achievements stop recording after level 6. I defeated the boss twice in level 3 and it wasn’t recorded. Sometimes when you beat a level it doesn’t end, it’s just keeps going and going, releasing waves with no enemies and no victory prompt comes up. And Motar Tower is all screwed up, completely useless.

  10. dan says:

    Level 3 is a matter of putting full power on the top side. Build 2 $100 turret towers with 2 star. Then make a path just at the entrance with the $10 tower going all the way up to meet with the $100 tower. There will be air balloons and planes coming from top and bottom. So later build 2 $100 tower at the bottom and upgrade them to 4 star. That should keep them out for a while. Meanwhile the top end keep you need to slow them down a little. Forget about the plasma. Just the Missile launcher will do. Place them strategically.

  11. Niday says:

    If any of ya are interested in the 9th weapon, here it is. Ya need 146,000 EXP though…Show

    • Barefeetstudent says:


      did you get to play level 12? i’m working up my way to it right now. does it require certain amount of exp?

  12. Jeff Lynn says:

    How do you open level 12? I have perfect on everthing on the first 11!?

    • chartguy says:

      It takes a LOT, I suspect. I’m player level 16, with every achievement below Level 12. It tells me I need 54034 player exp to get to the next level (I have 87586, so 141620 appears to be required).

  13. Xar says:

    Yeah I can’t get total extinction on levels 4 and 6 due to bugs. On level 4, planes fly by across top right instead of down the middle while on level 6, fliers are “invisible” on the right side. Any ways to get 100% clear with the bugs or impossible?

  14. Barefeetstudent says:

    any wise man knows how to use weapon level 8? (the throwing thing that always miss the target?) Thanks in advance!!!

  15. Jon Adams says:

    People go to armor games and play penguins attack there. There are no bugs and iv gotten 100% so far………..still can unlock level 12 tho :( As for the level 8 weapon, it sucks, stick to missiles and flac towers the are the best :)
    Edit: the latest version is now available on FreeGamesNews server.

  16. Ron Ben says:

    I got right now level 17 player, but level 12 is yet locked, 1 thing it unlocked is just a new weapon. Did repeat all levels a lot of times, got tired from it…

  17. Ron Ben says:

    i have advanced to level 18 player, but yet level 12 is locked. unlocked level 5 upgrades for weapons.

  18. Kaiiiii says:

    Is there really 15 towers you can unlock? There’s enough space for 15 but it would take forever to unlock them all..

  19. das says:

    ok heres the deal… i have beat every level except the last bonus level. so far i have 9 towers i want to know if anyone has unlocked the last bonus level. it is taking me forever….

  20. MikeN says:

    You need to get to level 19 to unlock the last level, about 410,000 total exp.

  21. MikeN says:

    You can beat every level with just $10 towers. If you get the level 5 upgrades, you can beat every level at 100% with just $10 towers.
    I beat level 6 with just level 4 upgrades.

  22. Dave says:

    That’s the thing, it takes so long to get through the higher levels that you try things like getting 100% with just bullet towers….

    You can even get most of them with just level 4 upgrades…

  23. Dave says:

    Question: It says use keys 1 to 0 to place the towers quickly which would suggest TEN towers. Anybody seen #10 ???? so far I am halfway through level 18…

  24. MikeN says:

    There is no tenth weapon. I got all the way to level 31, and all it does is add $50 for each additional level after 19.

    • Cambo says:

      I can’t beleive that there is no tenth weapon!! Im halfway through level 17… I dont even see the point of going any further. so at level 18 you get 5 upgrades, and level 19 you get the Last board unlocked right?

  25. MikeN says:

    I tried to see if I could beat level 7 with just 10 dollar towers at level 1. I decided it was theoretically possible but took too long. The problem is the healers heal faster than they can take damage.

  26. Mario says:

    I did the previous levels but Cross Roads is still locked…do I have to do something special ? like clear all levels or something ?

  27. TuxBirdAssassin says:

    I got thru levels 1 to 8 plus the first three bonus levels with 100% killed using basic turrets and 3x upgraded missle turrets. It’s ridiculous to leave the last level locked until one reaches 410,000 xp. I only have 81,474 now and I’ll be d***ed if I’m gonna play 5x that much just to unlock a level. So for me, that’s a wrap.

    One basic strategy works very well…

    Tip: Show

  28. nerdcore says:

    Easy strategy for most levels, once 4-star upgrades are available: Create funnel to get bad guys into single file. Then create a large “S” they need to travel through. Start the “S” with basic turrets, upgrading to anti-air cannons with a few slow turrets. By the time you’re near the end of the level, you should have 10-12 4-star anti-air, all with overlapping fire. Almost every level is easily beatable with this strategy.

  29. caleb says:

    Has anybody else seen thire XP decrease on occasion? I played a level particularly efficiently (total extinction, boss killed) using a minimum of towers but saw my XP decrease significantly. What gives?

  30. court says:

    ^It’s a bug.