Riddle School 4

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Riddle School 4 is the fourth installment in the Riddle School series. “Phil is now in Riddle University contemplating his escape. Little does he know there’s more than meets the eye to the school he applied to. If you beat the game once, you can earn special features in the main menu.” Have fun!

By Eric

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62 Comments to Riddle School 4

  1. sian says:


  2. Eric says:

    Best time: 1.0 sec! Try to beat that!

  3. dg says:

    What I don’t understand is why this is called a “game”.

  4. chowder says:

    ok how do u get passed the first room without Show

    it’s so retarded

  5. someone says:

    it is an april fools joke. Riddle house five came out today: the real game.

  6. Meee says:

    goshhhh. where should i find riddle school 5, now?

  7. chowder says:

    Oh lol. thats so mean! XD

  8. danny says:

    i finished riddle school 5 but 4 is so retarded

    • Black Cat says:

      If you want to know what really happens in riddle school 4 look at this:Show

      Riddle school 4 is pointless, but I am crazy about riddle school 1, 2, 3 and 5!!!

  9. Charlene126 says:

    it’s weird what u do is Show

  10. Catheryn says:

    Actually, people, Riddle School 4 is part of Riddle School 5. For those who have finished Riddle School 5, you can still remember that you have killed Phil’s friends in their dreams. Phil got killed in his dream, which caused him to wake up. Did you notice that green alien in Riddle School 4? He was Diz, the alien you saw in Riddle School 3(i think) in the poster. He was watching Phil, and he was also saving him. So that’s why you can’t escape the room in Riddle School 4. Thank me, please, if this has helped you solve the problem. :)

  11. Hunter says:

    what is the walktrough?

  12. im too fast says:

    minutes:0 seconds:0 00.0.7

  13. Walkthrough 4 u says:

    Have you tried Show

    and it kind of leads into riddle school 5 which is worthy to be called a game.

  14. Morg says:

    Lol i did it like 100 times clicked on everything …then i reilised that is how the game ends….]
    but i got 0 seconds lol

  15. no name says:

    UM WhAT kinD OF GAme is tHIS

  16. Kagome Higarashi says:

    i got 0.3 seconds

  17. chicken says:

    the creator shud b ashamed 2 call dis a game, no mater wat u do, da fat t-cher (lol) presses da button nd phil dies

  18. daniel says:

    it said on newgrounds that theres a sertan thing you need to click

  19. nick says:

    beat that 0.0 seconds

  20. zack says:

    what the !#%*

  21. kawaiikalii says:

    1hour ohhh how pro am i?? LOOLS jokees
    idk what i got =)

  22. AceGamer900 says:

    It’s supposed to be a short game for a reason Riddle School 4 was just a “joke” because it was a pre-installment of Riddle School 5. Just check it out and stop complaining.

  23. ugly says:

    -.- this took me more time to load than to play -.-

  24. john carlo says:

    whats the walktrought pls tell me

  25. TheShadowFallen says:

    This game is a total joke!

  26. john carlo says:

    yeah so easy like you just click diz

  27. declivity says:

    i got 0.0 seconds!

  28. ieojd says:

    THERE IS A WAY TO ESCAPE!!!! You click nothing for 2 hours and mr. munch leaves the room go out of room mr. munch is coming back go to the other room and wait two minutes then ESCAPE!!!!!

  29. anthony says:

    i beat Riddle school 5 in 53 minutes 47 seconds and 8.000000000002 deciseconds.

  30. riddleschoolgamesrfun says:

    this game is so hilarious
    cos it was an april fools day joke
    jokes are funny
    but im not :(
    oh well
    at least this game is :D
    in case you need it
    heres a walkthrough: Show

  31. annoyed person says:

    how do you get passed the first room god how do you do it its so hard arhhhhhhhhh im so annoyed anything you click it just puts you to the volcano urghhhhh so annoying

  32. srdfgjh says:

    0,8 secs

  33. Dawn says:

    This is not a game. Just a click reflex. XD 0 secs foo!

  34. Sianstuff says:

    Man!!! Everyone seems to think this is an April fools joke but it’s not. If you are confused then play Riddle school 5 to understand. Show

  35. BopStar says:

    Hello and good evening fools. I will tell you ahead of time what I am about to do. If you click the spoiler alert:

  36. polo says:

    i’m -5 seconds
    yep. went back in time.

  37. fdfs says:

    0.3 HA!

  38. PAolo Agustin says:

    hello so easy hehehe just click the corner of the room even without name

  39. lala says:

    0.3 seconds