Building House 2

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Building Houses 2Building Houses 2Building House 2 is a small 3D puzzle game in Java developed by the Freudenthal Institute in Nederland and hosted at Mathsnet.

Your goal here is “to build up the solid shape indicated by the views to the left – but only using the number of cubes given. There are 10 problems, called figuur1 to figuur10”.

Use your mouse to rotate the grid in 3D and select the build / break down options to add/remove blocks to/from the grid.

The different puzzles seem very hard at first: try to solve the first “figuur” without any help to have an idea of what I mean!

That being said, a very helpful video walkthroughs page is available in case you are stuck. Once you get past the first level of the game, the next “figuurs” will seem easier to you, but still not simple.

Overall, a very challenging puzzle!

Have fun!

Video walkthroughs

By Eric

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13 Comments to Building House 2

  1. MissK says:

    woo! that was awesome! Finished without any help, but feel adequately challenged.

    **hint to all** a GREEN dot means you are almost there, but YELLOW means you did it correctly. A bit backwards…took me a few minutes to figure just that part out!

    oh yeah… FIRST

  2. Andy says:

    For figure 8, it says to use 16 blocks, but I can do it with 14. Anyone else find this?

  3. Kitti says:

    MissK- Yeah it took me a few figures till i figured it out.

    Andy- For figure 8 if you really think about it you can do it in 12.

  4. Rune says:

    how do you manage to do 8 with only 14 or even 12?

  5. hannah says:

    hey, how do you play it’s not working, i think i did something wrong :(

  6. Stickfight says:

    Done with 12 blocks without help. Surprisingly, I found the first level to be the hardest to solve with the correct amount of blocks. The last level was fun. Very fun game. Here is a screen shot of the solved puzzle.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Where is the game i go on the website and can’t find it?please help!

  8. osmodiar says:

    I love this game/puzzle, wish there was more.

  9. liz says:

    i dont know how to get on to the acctualy Gamee ! anyone able to help me ???