Escape from Paradise

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A luxury cruise ship crashes on an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean.

The survivors of the shipwreck are very different from one another and decide to set up their own camps all over the island.

Your goal is to find the pieces to a lost radio, and hoist it on the top of the volcano located in the center of the main island.

While exploring the main island, you can find items; participate in activities like fishing, gathering wood, and look for hidden treasures.

Alliance can be made with other castaways to help you in your quest.

  • 5 Major Games wrapped into 1 great adventure.
  • 12 additional and enjoyable Mini games.
  • Over 25 Challenges.
  • Unique blend of genres.
  • Good graphics and audio.
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By Eric

current rating 4.65


6 Comments to Escape from Paradise

  1. ken says:

    how do you organize your people to work the circle or get the jewels in the inca eyes

  2. kre8tiv1 says:

    it took me a bit to realize I needed to do this but when I did I just moved everyone to the circle untill they had “?” above their heads…eventually all the footprints turned color and you get something you are looking for…same for the inca eyes. Make sure that you have matched the people with the inca ‘signs’….hatchet, ‘hammer’ and food..there again you have to keep matching until they each have two ‘eyes’ (jewels)

  3. katje says:

    where do i find the spear?

  4. Kerissa says:

    how do you build the five hut thing?
    there are only threeeee!

  5. dan says:

    where do i find the spear?

  6. Michelle says:

    You don’t have to use everyone to color the feet. just two 3-leveled provider and two 3-leveled lumberjacks and 2 3 leveled carpenters…