The Count of Monte Cristo

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The Count of Monte Cristo is an epic Hidden Object game based on the famous novel by Alexander Dumas.

Help the romantic hero, Edmond Dantes, escape from a perilous prison and exact his vengeance on those who betrayed him.

Follow the thrilling plot as you scour scenes for thousands of hidden objects, investigate 8 suspects, and solve over 15 puzzles.

Find the person that wrongfully imprisoned you in this one-of-a-kind adventure!

  • Cleverly hidden items.
  • Based on a masterpiece.
  • Engrossing story.
  • Substantial play time.
WindowsPlay FREE for one hour or Order the FULL version
Mac OsNot available

By Eric

current rating 1.50

4 Comments to The Count of Monte Cristo

  1. Sam says:

    Ive put the map together but nothing happens. What the hell do i do now?

  2. Dewii says:

    I had the same problem, I finally closed it after giving up…

  3. Adrienne says:

    how do you put the map together? IDK if you rotate the pices and if you do how?????

    • Velandra says:

      Hi Adrienne, you simply use the spacebar to turn the pieces around, if you look carefully you can see the imprint underneath so you simply check where each piece goes and then slot it in. I found it helpful to move some pieces to the sides first for extra space so you can see what your doing :) Hope this helps.

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