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The ScrapperThe ScrapperTwo weeks only after the release of The White Day, the Japanese team from IDAC is back with a brand new Room Escape Game, The Scrapper. The game was released a few hours ago, and is only available in Japanese right now.

For an unknown reason, you find yourself trapped in a hangar, and you will have to find the different items hidden everywhere, combine some of them and use the others to make your way out of here!

Like all of the games previously released by IDAC, The scrapper comes with gorgeous graphics and animations. That being said, where is the key to open the crane? Will you be able to escape this place?

Have fun!

Update: The Scrapper walkthrough in the comments (thanks Xue)!

By Eric

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  1. Merlina says:

    After you Show

    how do you get the display or whatever on to I assume put in a code. I still have the flashlight, the crobar thing, and can still repick up the blow torch. Also, do anyone know what it says when you open the door (in English).

  2. Phreak says:

    yeahh first blood! niiice game. LOVE it. grafix rul.

  3. Xue says:


  4. Falcon says:

    Has anyone figured out the passcode for the machine? I have looked at everything including the picture page.

  5. Xue says:

    Walkthrough but not try to spoil the fun!














  6. chet says:

    Did you get the red key yet? If not…


  7. anon says:



  8. eric says:

    where did u find the crowbar?

  9. Zer0 V@nd@l says:

    Machine Code (vague hint):

    For those that don’t like vague:

  10. Merlina says:

    Do you mean the big whit machine thing with the four locks? This is what I cannot even figure out how to let you enter anything

  11. Xue says:

    Did you unlock it yet? if not, use the blue key to unlock it, one key for 4 locks. If you already unlock it, click the middle and it will open automaticlly. Then you will see the display screen, use the red key part on the right hand side key hole, and the display will be on.

  12. Phreak says:

    hey…. i was #1 !!!! (bleep).

  13. Samantha says:

    has anyone found the code yet

  14. Phreak says:

    ohh you haxed the timestamp. grrz.

  15. Doozer says:

    Where did you find the crowbar item? I’ve only been able to get the blowtorch and flashlight.

  16. Samantha says:

    Can someone make a walkthrough or something, or just say the code for the white machine

  17. Samantha says:

    Doozer, the crowbar is behind the last gray block on the left when you get to the white thing

  18. Doozer says:

    Heh.. helps if you actually turn the flashlight on so you can see in all the dark spots. *duh!*

  19. Sam says:

    nevermind i figured it out

  20. Doozer says:

    Ahh, maybe that’s my trouble.. unless you’re referring to the white disc on the ground, I haven’t gotten to the white thing yet, I’ve only seen it (I haven’t been able to manipulate the ladder yet).

  21. Sam says:

    when u get out its really boring, well i thought so

  22. Sam says:

    Doozer, you have to get the key from the blue containerShow

    i hope that helps

  23. Sam says:

    Thanks xue

  24. Nay says:

    where is the blue key?

  25. Phreak says:


  26. Phreak says:

    wait… which blue container?

  27. yo says:

    why i can’t open www from the book

  28. birges says:

    how to combinate?

  29. jayson says:

    i cant find the blue key can anyone help

  30. KEIVN says:

    where is der gun?

  31. amii says:

    i can’t find a hook ,where i can use flashlight? .. help pls

  32. Celesimo says:

    Dear Xue,
    after I combined the cell with the core storage, where do I have to put it? Where is the switch? I can’t find it!!

  33. adam says:

    i can’t find the red key with the hook

  34. jun says:

    Where is the blue key?? I have been clicking everywhere and I can’t find it anywhere.. someone pls here!!!

  35. chelser says:


  36. tyler says:

    where is the flame thrower gun and the flame thrower tank??

  37. thor says:

    i can´t find the cell phone ?

  38. hana-j says:


  39. Drow says:

    Hey! i’ve found the blue key!

  40. dusty says:

    where do you get the ladder

  41. dusty says:

    now where is the red key

  42. liam says:

    where is the slige i cant find it

  43. DNOMN8R says:

    Here’s a thorough walkthrough.

    Cutscene: The hook is lowered. Note the silver machine.

    Cutscene: The hook is raised and the pulley exits through a window.

    Cutscene: The pulley and hook are lowered.

    Cutscene: The crane picks up a ladder and sets it against the open dumpster.

    Cutscene: The machine opens to reveal a screen.

    Congrats, you beat the game!

  44. Ann says:

    Thanks for the Walkthrough’s….I could NEVER have done it without the help!
    I had a fun time….Thanks!….Ann

  45. Kenneth says:

    how do you put the cellphone down tell me plsssssssssssssssss

  46. Heather says:

    This game was awsome. I had to cheat a little to find out the code at the end but, still fun. Good Luck to all!

  47. Lizzy says:

    you could open the door before, but why couldn’t we leave?

  48. Fay says:

    umm…theres a glitch in the game!!! after i put the phone in the thing on the wall and pushed 8, 2, and 8 again, and i take the phone out, it wont let me click the back arrow. every time i do, it doesn’t do anything! i have no way of getting back!!!