Alabama Smith in Escape from Pompeii

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Alabama Smith is young, dashing and intelligent. He’s also a brilliant student of archeology, so when his professor needs to find an artifact that allows its bearer to travel through time, he turns to our whip-smart hero for help.

Join Alabama and the professor’s daughter, Anastasia, as they travel to modern Pompeii in a mind-bending seek-and-find adventure unlike any you’ve played before!

At first, you’ll help Alabama search for the artifact, and then you’ll step into the role of Anastasia as she races to save her new friend from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Travel back and forth in time to solve elaborate puzzles and prepare for shocking twists and turns in this story of double-crosses and intrigue.

Photorealistic visuals and atmospheric audio make this already captivating adventure all the more compelling!

  • 17 levels.
  • 25 mini-games.
  • Casual and Expert modes.
  • Good characters.
  • Interesting attempt to add hidden object game clues to a point and click adventure.
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Mac OsNot available

By Eric

current rating 4.43


33 Comments to Alabama Smith in Escape from Pompeii

  1. ena says:

    i am just beginning, was hoping for a quick cheat to get the pipe out of the ground. ?

  2. Danielle says:

    Hi, the entire walkthrough can be found here

  3. Rebecca says:

    This was too short and a little too easy.

    To #1…I’m sure you have to pry it out with either a crowbar or some sort of tool. Maybe even a plank.

  4. kosmyn says:

    how is code of safe….tell me please….because i don`t know.

  5. cede says:

    need help opening the safe. numbers are 63,11 and 2, i think

  6. Rebecca says:

    The code on the safe at the end is…63, 11 and 16.

  7. Cin says:

    I can’t get the clock door open. I have it set at 10:07 and I pull the handle and nothing happens.

  8. sherry says:

    i need to open the drawer with the candles

  9. Joey says:

    to open clock door, use the ruler to pry it open.

  10. Joey says:

    To #1, use the shovel!

  11. tigger says:

    need help to unlock the firre alarm system. How do you get all of the green lights lite?

  12. anny says:

    cant open the safe wats it code

  13. anny says:

    the above one not working

  14. wilma mccracken says:

    i need help with the lock box i cant do the sequence. is there a slow way to achieve thi
    s. thanks spanky help

  15. Deb says:

    i used the numbers for the safe and it still will not open what am i doing wrong?

  16. Angie F says:

    The code on the safe at the end is…63, 11 and 16 thx cele that’s right

  17. ruth says:

    need the three numbers to open the file cabnet to get the candles

  18. norma says:

    I need help on Chapter 6, Task 8. Arrange symbols on the column to match the symbols on the side of the fountain wall. I do that each time correctly and nothing happens. It goes back to it.s same arrangement.

  19. michael says:

    is the code for the safe to get alabama in the cell

  20. Teri says:

    How do I get the paper out of the bottle?

  21. Indra says:

    is the code for the safe to get alabama in the cell

  22. Jill says:

    I have the exact same trouble in Chp 6, task 8. I have arranged the symbols over and over…and in the exact order, nothing happens.. Any one have any suggestions?

  23. mopit says:

    need help with ceasars code!!!!!!!!

  24. taqin says:

    Indra says:
    March 11, 2009 at 2:45 am

    is the code for the safe to get alabama in the cell

    fill the hole with water in cube so the botle show before that you must cut the plank with saw…………

    I need help with caesar code please………………….

  25. sabrina says:

    the code is 63, 11, 16!!
    But had someone a SCREEN SHOT or another picture with the code?

    thank you very much!
    (PS.: sorry because my english is not so good. I’m from germany.=)

  26. Ahmad says:

    thank u sabrina for the code
    (PS.: sorry cuz my english is not too well am from jordan

  27. Tisha says:

    Do you have to put the code to the safe in a particular order cause I tried 63,16,11 and nothing happens. Also how do I go about putting it in on the combination on safe cause I see it goes by twos. I’m lost ?

  28. Angel says:

    Yeah I am having issues with the safe itself as well. I tried putting in the combination and nothing it doesn’t unlock or anything. what do we do?

  29. lk says:

    Help! I cannot open the safe. I know the numbers are 63, 11, 16. Please detailed instructions on how to open the safe, I know it has to be simple and I am just missing the obvious, plus I have never opened a safe before. I don’t even know which dial to turn first and which is the 3 in 63?????? SO FRUSTRATED!!!!

  30. lk says:

    Hooray! got it finally, thx to Tisha for making me THINK that it does go by 2’s. You just have to put the arrow on the # of digits past or before the correct 2. Sorry the game finished so quickly after that. Hope to find another good one.

  31. Najam says:

    how to open drawers? :(

  32. S. Slater says:

    My husband and I have started to play this game. We like it except for one thing: the game starts over every time we play! Isn’t there some way to save where we leave off…like a ‘return to game’ button to click on. It’s not fun to have to start all over again! Help