Mad Virus

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Mad VirusMad VirusMad Virus is a new puzzle game released yesterday by Martijn Kunst on his website, BubbleBox.

The game offers you a new version of the classic Virus 2, and just like in the original, your goal here is “to grow a virus that must cover the entire board before you run out of moves”.

You control each cell with a pair of eyes. The first level is essentially a training level: use your mouse to select a color on the left side of the game window. This will change the color of all your controlled cells and assimilate all the adjacent ones with the same color.

As you progress through the game, levels become more and more challenging, and being able to choose from different starting cells is a nice addition that becomes essential from level 8 or so, once the number of available turns starts to get low.

If Mad Virus is maybe not really innovative, the game is nicely done and surpasses Virus 2 in every way: it’s time for an update of our recommended games page!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.75


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